The Super Mario Bros. Gender Makeover: Fab or Fierce?


Super Maria Srs: Maria and Lulu?

Mario and Luigi are looking fab AND fierce, thanks to a Canadian art student’s re-imagining of the Nintendo heroes and their cohorts as the opposite sex.  The artist Beth T. was given the design challenge by a friend and happily posted her results on her tumblr account. The drawings were quickly noticed and have been re-blogged and liked by almost ten thousand Nintendo lovers in the following two days .

In a sea of Mario Bros. fan art, Beth T., really captures something that even a Mario neophytes can love. Girl Mario has an innocent “Let’s Go!” girl power that screams chutzpah, while Girl Luigi wears a more thoughtful, slightly timid expression that enables you to almost hear her saying, “Let’s-a go?” as she wrings her hands over her lost love Prince Peach.

Oh, yeah, Beth doesn’t just makeover the Mario Bros., she turns Daisy and Peach into princes, too.

Prince Peach still looks like he could get kidnapped at any moment. But Prince Daisy, well, he would probably kick your ass if you tried anything funny.



The villains Waluigi and Wario get a turn, as well. Wario coming off as a twisted Rosie the Riveter and Waluigi looks like he could be the sullen cousin of Aunt Spiker from James and the Giant Peach.


With another superhero gender-bender playing out at Bleeding Cool, one has to wonder what the heck is going on around here.  Is it all a reaction to the, in my opinion, underwhelming new photos of Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman (in the newest Dark Knight)? Or maybe people are genuinely just fed up with lamely sexified super-heroines and want to call attention to how awesome some game heroines could be (in the case of Beth T.’s translation) and how ridiculous heroines are right now (as Bleeding Cool makes abundantly clear in their “What if Male Superheroes Posed As Wonderwoman” sketches).


What do you think? Is the world ready for some kick-ass lady plumbers out to save the prince? Or will heroines always be relegated to latex catsuits?

Illustration via Rolling Rabbit Productions.
Illustration via Bleeding Cool.

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