The Tattoo A Lot of Parents Want Their Kids to Get

safetytatI doff my hat to the parent of any child with a severe allergy.

Helping your child safely negotiate the world is hard enough without the added stress of dealing with an allergy. I also can’t imagine how difficult it must be for parents to send their kids out into the world with people who don’t respect how serious these allergies can be.

That’s why I totally think some of the temporary tattoos some kids are returning to class with this year are an excellent idea.

As Yahoo! Shine reports, the allergy tattoo trend is on the rise. Michelle Welsh created so she could offer temporary and long-lasting tattoos as well as write-on skin stickers. The idea came to her after years of anxiously scrawling her cell phone number on her kids’ arms in crowded places. Of course, losing a child in a busy place isn’t the only danger. Welsh realized that kids with actual life-threatening allergies, like her nephew’s peanut allergy, could benefit from important information readily available on their bodies. It’s always there reminding teachers, caregivers, and anyone who comes in contact with the child.

diabeticMedical tattoos are not new. For years, adults who don’t like wearing medical ID jewelry have come up with creative solutions, including an allergy tattoo.

There are many people that understand the need for medical ID jewelry but just don’t want to wear a necklace or bracelet. Some creative solutions have come about, including the medical tattoo.

I think it’s a great idea. I can’t imagine the relief many parents must feel when sending their child off to school, camp, or even a sleepover, knowing the tattoo is there as a warning. However, not everyone thinks the temporary tats are a great idea. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology is concerned about bullying. Sokesperson, allergist Kevin McGrath says, “A lot of kids do get bullied at school about their food allergies, so there is some concern about whether this might give more ammunition to kids.”

Eh. I think it could go either way. A lot of kids might think a temporary tattoo is pretty cool. Besides, Welsh says the tattoos are mostly for kids who can’t communicate for themselves, but she also hopes to make the temporary tattoos look cooler. And she notes that she’d choose safety over bullying any day. “If I had to choose fatal exposure over being harassed by kids, I would choose safety as my No. 1 concern.”

What do you think? Are medical tattoos for kids a good idea? Would you use a safety tat to keep track as a precaution against losing a child in a busy shopping center?

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