The Teacher Hall of Shame: Where Do They Get These Clowns?

If we have to start worrying about our kids being endangered by their teachers, at what point do we all agree to homeschool?

On what planet does a teacher think it’s OK to tape a student’s mouth shut? Apparently on this one, because it happened in Florida.

A 13-year-old middle student in Florida said her teacher taped her mouth shut so she’d stop talking. When the girl took off the tape to cough, the teacher came back over with another piece of tape and did it again. The teacher then said what happened in the classroom, stayed in the classroom. Thankfully, however, the student reported the teacher, who is reportedly being “reassigned.”

But that teacher isn’t the only one giving other teachers a bad name by osmosis.

Further north in Massachusetts, a middle school teacher is accused of being drunk at work. The teacher apparently drank alcohol from a Gatorade bottle and allegedly had a conversation with a student about how it would feel “to have a bullet in his head.” Police were called to the school, but no charges have been filed.

It’s a shame when teachers like this make news because other, good teachers generally get dragged into the mud by association.

Danielle wrote last week about a teacher in New York who made “Columbine-like threats” to her colleagues. Danielle argued, and I couldn’t agree more, that it’s shameful how these teachers are reassigned or are allowed to remain at their jobs (the NY teacher was arrested, but there was another incident with her last year, after which time she was returned to the classroom).

As the mom of an almost-preschool toddler, I shudder to think about my daughter being unleashed into the big, bad world in the first place. I just never thought that big, bad world would be in the classroom (and that the teacher could be the culprit).

Of course I think my kid could never get one of these teachers, but I’m sure that’s what the parents of kids in these classrooms thought, too.

Source: Fox News

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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