The Thrill of the Celebrity Retweet

Salman Rushdie Is My Twitter FriendI recently chatted with Betty Buckley, Salman Rushdie, Craig Bierko and Molly Ringwald. No, I’m not a fellow songstress, jet-setting best-selling author, Broadway star, or former teen idol. So how did I get to meet this motley crew? On Twitter, of course.

I tweeted about them and they responded to me. It’s safe to say we even engaged in playful banter.

I felt momentarily famous when (off-line) friends congratulated me on my newfound Twitter celebrity. But the Twitter newsfeed cycle is fast and by the next day, my “fame” was quickly forgotten.

Forget about Andy Warhol’s so-called “15 minutes of fame.” On Twitter, it’s been reduced to 15 seconds.

Still, the rush of getting a response from a celebrity on Twitter is real. Apparently, getting a Twitter response from a celebrity — or anyone you admire — raises the level of dopamine in your brain, which makes you feel good about yourself. I’m not a scientist, but other social media types have written about this phenomenon too.

In the past, getting a celebrity’s autograph was the closest most people came to feeling like they could possess a piece of an actress or singer. Now through social media, we can follow our favorite celebrities in real time and if we’re witty or persistent or lucky enough, they may reward us for our efforts.

There are countless web sites and blog posts that advise people on how to get celebrities to retweet you and about which celebrities are most likely to respond.

Getting a celebrity retweet isn’t just exciting. It could also have a real monetary value as many top brands are willing to pay top dollar for a mention on a celebrity’s Twitter feed.

Which celebrities do you follow on Twitter? Have they responded?

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