The Top Places Men Cheat, They're Not Where You Think

I’ve watched the OWN show Unfaithful a few times now, even though it annoys me, honestly.  In every story the spouse who was cheated on always stays with the spouse who strayed. Not only does it seem pretty unrealistic to me, but I doubt very highly I would ever be able to do that myself. I don’t think I’d ever be able to get over the broken trust and deceit.

Most of the stories on this show in particular center around husbands and wives who met their lover either in the workplace or they were already a longtime friend. Rarely did a causal meeting become a fling on the show, although I know that happens too. Apparently, it happens in strange places that you might never think of.

Care to take a guess at the number one place men cheat? Mentally list three places. I bet you can’t guess number 1.

School reunions come in at number 4 in the top places to cheat according to a survey done by IllicitEncounters.com who asked 2,000 men where they cheated on their spouses most. I guess stirring up those old romantic feelings and nostalgia just are sometimes too much. Plus, almost everyone has either that one special ex or the one that got away.

Number three is the office Christmas party, followed by the bachelor party (which comes in second). Chalk it up to a lot of alcohol and very poor decision making.

The top spot belongs to a place I had never even considered before…..a wedding. Really? Yes, there’s alcohol there to but there’s also elderly relatives, children, and a little thing called holy vows. It seems too ironic that men would crush their own wedding union at the same exact spot where another’s began, and presumably a friend, too.

While this survey probably doesn’t hold much weight in the accuracy department, a post on the subject advised wives to never let their husbands go to a wedding alone. It even asks women if they would ever let their husbands go solo to a wedding.

C’mon if you have to babysit your hubby because he might cheat at a wedding, I’d say you have definite trust issues and probably marital problems way before the happy couple will say “I do”.

The survey never mentions where women cheat unless they’re saving that for another day’s news.

What do you think about this news? Does cheating at a wedding surprise you? Disgust you? Or are you not surprised in the least?


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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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