The Women of Disney: Beauties vs. Baddies

DISNEY WOMEN COLLAGEWomen are complicated.


Our menfolk love our multifaceted mysteriousness.

Animated women, however — not so hard to figure out.

Disney has been creating more complex heroines and evildoers over the past few years, yet you have to admit even their most vintage damsels and villains are still equal parts stunning and scary.

And once you get two sleep-deprived parents chatting over drinks once the kids are tucked up snugly in their beds for the night, a fairy tale throwdown between Disney’s beauties and baddies becomes the highlight of the evening.

Don’t judge.

We’ve all thought this through at some point.

Who would be the most enchanting?

Who would you take home to mom?

Whose phone calls would you ignore?

Who would go down in history as the worst date ever?

We came up with the 10 best vs. the 10 worst.

See what you think of this who’s who of the most radiant and repulsive.

Looking for a list of Disney gents? We have you covered with The Men of Disney: Studs vs. Duds. Yes, yes, we were up late.

  • BEST: Cinderella 1 of 20
    BEST: Cinderella
    She has mice and birds to help her around the house, comes with a Fairy Godmother, and cleans up nice.
  • BEST: Belle 2 of 20
    BEST: Belle
    She's the complete package - book smart and unassumingly beautiful.
  • BEST: Jasmine 3 of 20
    BEST: Jasmine
    She's in it for true love, be it with a sultan or street rat.
  • BEST: Merida 4 of 20
    BEST: Merida
    Ok, so she's kind of a commitment phobe. Still, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be friends first.
  • BEST: Anatasia Tremaine 5 of 20
    BEST: Anatasia Tremaine
    You might be marrying her mother, but don't let that stop you. Turns out she's more than just an evil stepsister.
  • BEST: Minnie Mouse 6 of 20
    BEST: Minnie Mouse
    If she's good enough for the Big Cheese...
  • BEST: Mulan 7 of 20
    BEST: Mulan
    This girl doesn't wait for her Prince Charming to come along, she goes out and gets him.
  • BEST: TIana 8 of 20
    BEST: TIana
    She might be a workaholic, but this girl is strong, and knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. She also makes man-catching beignets.
  • BEST: Rapunzel 9 of 20
    BEST: Rapunzel
    She was whipping her hair back and forth way before Willow Smith.
  • BEST: Ariel 10 of 20
    BEST: Ariel
    Built-in vacation home under the sea. Need I say more?
  • WORST: The Queen of Hearts 11 of 20
    WORST: The Queen of Hearts
    Everything has to be her way.
  • WORST: Lady Tremaine 12 of 20
    WORST: Lady Tremaine
    She makes Mother Gothel seem like Mother of the Year.
  • WORST: Drizella Tremaine 13 of 20
    WORST: Drizella Tremaine
    Watch out! If the shoe doesn't fit, she'll make it fit.
  • WORST: Daisy Duck 14 of 20
    WORST: Daisy Duck
    Two words: High maintenance. Another word: Diva.
  • WORST: Evil Queen 15 of 20
    WORST: Evil Queen
    She's a heartbreaker. Literally.
  • WOST: Maleficent 16 of 20
    WOST: Maleficent
    She's a dragon in the bedroom, and that's not a good thing. Yikes!
  • WORST: Mother Gothel 17 of 20
    WORST: Mother Gothel
    More obsessed with staying younger than Joan Rivers.
  • WORST: Tinker Bell 18 of 20
    WORST: Tinker Bell
    She's cute, but has a mean jealous streak.
  • WORST: Mrs. Potato Head 19 of 20
    WORST: Mrs. Potato Head
    There's a reason they take her mouth off in Toy Story 3.
  • WORST: Ursula 20 of 20
    WORST: Ursula
    You've seen what she does to poor unfortunate souls.

Photo credit (lead and slideshow): Walt Disney Pictures

Photo edits: All me.

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