The Wonderful and Whimsical Star Wars Inspired Art of James Hance

Artist James Hance‘s website is entitled the “Relentlessly Cheerful Art by James Hance,” a title which completely makes sense. There is something completely undeniably happy and joyful about mash ups of some of our favorite things, and in his case it is the marriage of Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh. But that is not all, he also does touching illustrations of Star Wars character as children and stuffed animals, and pays homage to Doctor Who, the Muppets and super heroes. Basically creating geeky art that is grand, glorious and completely original.

Check out James Hance’s “relentlessly cheerful art,” right here:

  • James Hance 1 of 25
  • Little Rebels 2 of 25
    little rebels

    A Norman Rockwell meets Star Wars moment. Lovely.

  • The Rescue 3 of 25

    "Whoever Rescues Me Has To Rescue Chew, Too"

    Look at that sneer! A pint sized Princess Leia gives a glare.


  • Han & Leia 4 of 25
    han and leai

    A very sweet Star Wars and Up mash up. Adorable.

  • Winnie the Pooh x Star Wars 5 of 25
    pooh pull

    "'Always Thinking With His Stomach (Wookie The Chew)"

    A Wookie/Winnie mash up!


  • Star Wars x Sendak 6 of 25
    wild luke

    "Till Luke Said..."

    Where the Wild Things Are meets Star Wars, two great things mashed up together.

  • Luke and Han Solo 7 of 25
    star up

    "'A Tatooine Explorer Is A Friend To All!"
    The characters from Up transformed into Luke and Han Solo. Hilarious.

  • Tail Time 8 of 25

    This pint-sized Han Solo nails on a tail on the Star Wars inspired Eeyore.


  • Hans Solo and His Chewy 9 of 25

    A young Han Solo gets back into his ship dragging his Chewy doll all the way.

  • Scruffy 10 of 25

    "'Who's Scruffy Lookin'?'"

    Princess Leia as a child clutching her Wookie doll.

  • Up x Star Wars 11 of 25

    "Up & Far, Far Away"

    A beautiful Up and Star Wars mash up.

  • Buddies 12 of 25

    A young Han Solo puts on his boots while hanging out with his Wookie doll.

  • Hanging Out 13 of 25

    "Chew & Droidlet"

    Pals just hanging out, in toy form that is.


  • Hugs 14 of 25
    all right

    "'We'll Be Alright''

    Princess Leia gives her Wookie a great big hug.


  • Lunch Time 15 of 25

    "'Lunch Atop The Half Constructed Death Star"

    Stormtroopers taking a break.

  • Beach Scene 16 of 25

    "'The Mechanical Giant"

    A not so tranquil beach moment with a Stormtrooper family.

  • Tangled 17 of 25

    "'I See The Light''

    A beautiful portrait of Rapunzel from Tangled. Isn't it gorgeous?



  • Doctor Who Disney Style 18 of 25

    What if Doctor Who was Disney-fied?

    This would be the result!

  • Dr. Doll 19 of 25

    A little girl plays Doctor Who. Yeah, this is pretty adorable.


  • Iron Can 20 of 25
    iron can

    A very clever Iron Man Muppet mash up.

  • The Meep 21 of 25

    "The Meep"

    The Muppets Beeker meets The Scream.

  • Calvin & Hobbes 22 of 25

    "Calvin & Hobbes"

    A realistic portrait of the beloved cartoon characters Calvin and Hobbes.

  • Dancing 23 of 25
    princess and the beast

    "'Princess & The Beast"
    A very Disney-esque portrait of Princess and Leia and Chewy as Beauty and the Beast.

  • Batman x Van Gogh 24 of 25

    "The Dark Starry Knight"

    A Van Gogh and Batman mash up, totally works doesn't it?

  • North by Northwest x Star Wars 25 of 25

    A very stylish portrait of Cary Grant from North by Northwest on the run from a TIE figther.

Plus you can buy a wide variety of his prints right here!

Photo Source: James Hance (with permission)

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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