The Worst Mother-In-Law Horror Stories Round-Up: Our Readers Tell All!

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Last month I wrote about “10 Things A Mother-In-Law Should Never Utter To A Daughter-In-Law”. It garnished not only heartfelt emotion, but often irate response. While a handful of readers did write in to say that they adored their mothers-in-law, the majority of readers said that their husband’s mothers cause them ongoing grief.

On one side of the argument, a couple of mothers-in-law commented that perhaps daughters-in-law are also responsible for the ensuing family conflicts. Certainly, each and every family is different, so it’s impossible to put any family under a one-size-fits-all solution.

Yet that being said, many readers have big problems with the woman who gave birth to their husband. After reading my list of what MILs should never say, a bunch of readers felt that my list was too tame compared to what their mothers-in-law actually say or do to them on a regular basis.

Wondering exactly what these stories of cranky mothers-in-laws are? Well, just scroll down because we’ve compiled a list of the top readers mother-in-law horror stories!

Insensitivity Reaches A New Level
Before my son was born I had two miscarriages.. and my MIL knew it. So why at a familiy reunion where everyone of my husband’s relatives (sister, cousins, etc..) were carrying their babies did she think of saying… “You two better hurry up and catch up with them in starting a family!” It is not like we didn’t want to!      -Carolina

Dysfunctional Family Holidays
My MIL told me that I was a narcissistic, controlling bitch. On Christmas. While my 12-month old was in the hospital with pneumonia. That’s probably something you shouldn’t say to your DIL… At least you shouldn’t if you ever want to see your grandson again…        -JF

Breast Is Not Best… For ME!
What about “I can’t believe you would dare take my grandchild out of my arms!” — after over an hour of holding my newborn when I needed to FEED her. Oh, and then there was “just give her a bottle like we did, that way I can feed her.” She didn’t like that I was breastfeeding, mainly because it was a loss to her somehow.          -JWW

The Gall
My MIL once proceeded to tell me (after she was a little sauced) to be a stay-at-home mom (which is none of her business anyhow). When I tried to explain my side to her that I had worked really hard putting myself through college and pulled out “x-amount” in student loans, she replied “I’ll give you a check in “x-amount” and you can give me your son!”           -KBeach

This Is The Future?
My future MIL always comments on my fiance’s ex’s Facebook pages telling them things like she wishes she was their MIL and that she loves them like daughters.           -HisSweetheart

It Seems Holidays Continue To Bring Out The Worst MIL Behavior
My MIL would make Thanksgiving Dinner 3-4 times a year. After 4 years of being together with my husband, he finally broke it to her that I didn’t like turkey. All hell broke loose from there. She began to scream at me about how unappreciative I was. After being berated by her, she then stormed down the hall and slammed the door. Later, her apology to me was, “Well, we like you a lot and we are learning to love you.”         -Erika

Not A Happy Bride
I was telling my husband’s family how much I appreciate having them in my life for 30 years, at that time, and my children’s lives (their biological grandchildren, no less!) My MIL looked right at me and very hatefully said, “Well! It’s not like WE had a choice! We didn’t get to have a say in who he married!”           -Dsmifs1979

Sewing Bad Oats
My MIL asked if I had a sewing kit so she could sew a hole in my couch cushion. I told her “No” because quite frankly, I just don’t sew, big deal. Well, she proceeded to tell me that she keeps a spare sewing kit in her car ever since “some guy” at her job needed a button sewn and his own wife was too “useless” (HER EXACT WORDS) to keep a sewing kit handy. To add insult to injury, she gave me a beginner’s sewing kit for Christmas!  -Hailey

She Said What?
She also tells me that I should do the deed with the hubby, and that I should do it to get him to do things for me.     -Jessica

Double Team
I had been nesting like crazy the week before my son was born. I had cleaned the house from top to bottom. I had cooked meals in advance and frozen them. While I was in the hospital recovering from the delivery, my mother-in-law came into my room and said “Nancy (sister-in-law) and I stopped by the house and straightened up for you, so the baby will have a clean house to come home to!” I was LIVID.     -Jennifer

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?
She got us a puppy without asking. Our apartment didn’t take them; he terrorized our cats and destroyed everything. We found him a new home and when my hubby explained to her that he was destructive and annoying she said “So is your wife, but her parents kept her.”    -MIL Hell
(Puppies are exquisite but not asking before getting a puppy for another person is not only rude, but insanely irresponsible… and so not cool.)

Say What?
One thing I never got over was one day she was caring for her grandson. He was not feeling well. She called and asked my advice on how to take care of the problem and when I told her what I thought she should do, she said “why am I asking you, you don’t have any kids!” I hung up on her and cried for an hour. She never apologized for that.      -Dee

New DIL?
Once when my husband had been gone awhile running errands, my MIL said to me “Maybe he met someone else!”     -Paige



Article Posted 7 years Ago

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