Theo And Beau — The Napping Boy and Dog Duo — Get a Book Deal!

Screenshot-2013-11-19-09.55.062This is the best news ever for a little boy name Beau and his dog Theo. The best friends, and co-nappers, got themselves a book deal! Actually, it’s not just the best news for Beau and Theo rather it is the BEST NEWS FOR US ALL!

The images of Beau and Theo taking their daily naps together have completely captivated fans everywhere. The images are simple, stunning and and elicit countless “awwws” from around the globe on a daily basis,  thanks to the amazing skills of Beau’s mom Jessica Shyba of the blog Momma’s Gone City.

I, like many, have completely fallen in love with the blonde cutie and his puppy pal, and have been smitten since day one, since I was an early fan.

Jessica is one of my Facebook pals — although we have actually never met in person, we are fellow bloggers, moms and have oodles of pals in common.  I remember scrolling through my feed and seeing the Vine video of the excitement on her daughter’s face the day they were going to go pick up a dog at the SPCA. I piped in when she asked for suggestions on what to name their new four-legged family member. I saw her first sweet image of Theo cuddled up to Beau as he went down for his nap, and I, like everyone else, wanted more. And Jessica, she did not disappoint. During each nap time that would follow, she would snap a photo of Beau and Theo and share it with the world, a world that can always use more cuteness.

Next thing you know Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb are talking about them on the Today Show; Good Morning America sends a crew to film at their house; stars (of the film variety) like Jessica Alba share her pics, stars (of the reality variety) like Khloe Kardashian post the images on their blog.  And Facebook feeds everywhere became populated with images of the nappers. Jessica’s photos went WAY viral … and then some.

Recently, I was talking to my husband about the awesomeness of Jessica’s project and it hit me why everyone, me included, is so bewitched by the images. It’s not just because Beau is adorable. It’s not just because Theo is a cutie. It’s the purity of it all. The total love that these two have for each other that is apparent even when they slumber. These moments are so effortlessly sweet, tender and speak to everyone.

With content like that there is one place it needed to go  — in the pages of a book. And that’s exactly where it is headed. On Friday it was announced that the mom, the boy and their dog got a book deal!

The Huffington Post writes that Jessica “has signed a deal with Feiwel & Friends for two books featuring the duo. Bedtime for Theo and Beau, the first of the two volumes, is set to be published on February 4, 2015 — and according to the publisher, the Santa Cruz SPCA, through which Shyba’s family found Theo, will be involved with the project.”

I have to say, it has been such an uplifting and inspirational journey watching the rise of Beau and Theo. And I CAN NOT WAIT to have Theo and Beau not just on my computer but on my bookcase.


Jessica has asked fans of her work to donate or share the needs of the Santa Cruz SPCA & Humane Society where their dog Theo was adopted: .




Article Posted 3 years Ago

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