There's No Time Like the Present: 10 Astonishingly Awkward 80s Photos

Awkward Family Photos
Jazz hands!

That big (big) hair. Those (weird) big hats. Those (awful) acid washed jeans. When it comes time for historians and sociologist to really dive in and dissect the 20th century, no decade could possibly stand out more than the 80s (literally; have you seen how big the hair was?).

In celebration of the film version of Rock of Ages, which is a tribute to the hair bands of the 80s, there’s no better time than the present to wax nostalgic about some of the most awkward trends of the ten years that saw the birth of Madonna’s career and the death of hair left to air dry following a shower (hello, Aqua Net).

Learn from the history of these photos past, or be doomed to repeat the denim vests and parachute pants. You have been warned.


  • Saturday Night Special: Bedazzler 1 of 10
    Saturday Night Special: Bedazzler
    If Michael Bolton and Kenny G mated.
  • Superstar 2 of 10
    Jazz hands!
  • The Hat Trick 3 of 10
    The Hat Trick
    Acid wash? Check! Mullets? Check! Denim-studded acid wash? Check! Denim and lace? Check! Magnum, P.I. mustache? Check!
    Total 80s awesomeness in a single family? CHECK!
  • Cover Girl 4 of 10
    Cover Girl
    Sassy and suave!
  • Saturday Night Special: Simply Radishing 5 of 10
    Saturday Night Special: Simply Radishing
    Easily the most marvelous root vegetable you've ever seen.
  • Futurama 6 of 10
    The offspring of Max Headroom.
  • The Accidental Tourists 7 of 10
    The Accidental Tourists
    The more low-profile side of the Griswold family.
  • Nelson 8 of 10
    Z. Cavariccis: Zo wrong, yet zo right.
  • Her Hairness 9 of 10
    Her Hairness
    All hail the poof, the bangs, the perm, the wings, the frizz, and the blue eyeliner.
    So much awkward awesomeness and awfulness all wrapped into one.
  • He’s a maniac 10 of 10
    He's a maniac
    And they're dancing like they've never danced before (or since).

Photo credits: Awkward Family Photos

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