6 Emotional Homecoming Videos in Honor of Our Veterans

Military homecoming
It’s not just the soldiers who make sacrifices

Whether you’re a mom, dad, daughter, son, brother, sister or even a pet — making the decision to serve your country is tremendous, but chances are, it affects more than just you.

You’re risking your life, and you’re also leaving your life behind. Your parents, your spouse, your siblings, your kids, and, yes, your pet — they are left behind to continue with their lives with a very large absence. Financially, emotionally and even physically, it takes a toll on everyone.

Which is why the family reunions are just that much sweeter. Veteran’s Day is a critical reminder that without the support of their loved ones, so many veterans and active-duty soldiers couldn’t do what we need them to do to keep us with our families.

Take a look at these six soldier homecoming videos and remember that it’s not just those who are enlisted that are making sacrifices for our freedom:

A Brotherly Surprise

Joshua, who is disabled, lives for his siblings, and really had a tough time when his older brother John was deployed.

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A Graduation Surprise

Jessica was crushed when her brother Eric, who was serving in Afghanistan, told her he wouldn’t make it back for her college graduation ceremony.

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A Birthday Surprise

Rich Sr. was moved to get a video message from his son, Rich Jr., at his birthday party. But that wasn’t his only gift.

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A Spelling-Bee Surprise

Skylar Johnson, 9, was asked to spell “sergeant” at her school spelling bee. Her dad, Staff Sgt. Terron Johnson, had to be a better prize than whatever the eventual winner received.

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A Star Wars Surprise

In Star Wars, Luke is surprised to find out Darth Vader is his dad. A birthday-boy Luke is even more surprised when he finds out who’s under Darth’s mask.

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A Doggie Surprise

Think it’s only two-legged loved ones who are overcome with emotion when soldiers comes home? Think again.

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Please thank a soldier and a veteran today.

And then thank their families.

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