These Goats Produce Human Breast Milk

For the past five years, a group of scientists in Russia and Belarus have been trying to breed goats that can produce human breast milk. Now, they think they’ve finally got it.

A new group of baby goats tested positive for a human genome in their DNA. Researchers on the project think once these goats birth offspring, they’ll produce milk that contains lactoferrin, a key component of human breast milk.

Yelena Sadchikova, researcher for the transgenesis laboratory chief at the Institute of Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the protein produced by these trangenic female goats is identical to what is found in human milk.

The goal of the study is to find a replacement for human breastmilk — one that would be superior to the infant formulas currently on the market.

The Russian team also claims the protein could be used as a basis for other medicines.

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