They Put What on Top of Their Tree? 10 Bizarre Christmas Tree Toppers

We are in the home stretch of the season or Christmas Eve Eve as some holiday enthusiasts like to call it. By now, most have their trees lit, their gifts wrapped, their stockings hung, and their halls decked.

In my home, we are pretty traditional when it comes to decorating. Our tree is lit with white lights, decorated in colored glass balls, and topped with a star. There was some debate about the star. My husband’s family always had an angel atop their tree growing up.

In the end, we chose a star simply because we found one while shopping that we both liked, but stars and angels are by no means the only ways to put the finishing touch on a tree.

Check out these 10 bizarre Christmas tree toppers for those who want their tree to be a little out of the ordinary:


  • For the Family That is a Mac Not a PC 1 of 9
    Replace your angel with Steve Jobs.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Top Your Tree with Albert Einstein 2 of 9
    The fact that this tree is located in a library makes it only marginally less weird.
    Photo credit: G Tribune.
  • For the Beer Enthusiast 3 of 9
    A new take on the traditional angel.
    Photo credit: Urlesque .
  • For When You Need a Tree Topper That Will Haunt Your Child’s Dreams 4 of 9
    This one will do.
    Photo credit: Think Geek.
  • For a Scary Christmas 5 of 9
    I guess this is one way you can be certain to keep the kids away from the Christmas tree.
    Photo credit: Monster Minions.
  • Team Co Co Co 6 of 9
    I won't lie, I would gladly top my tree with Conan O'Brien.
    Photo credit: Team Coco.
  • Let’s Be Honest, We All Like Brobee Best 7 of 9
    What Parent to a Toddler Wouldn't Want to Incorporate Yo Gabba Gabba into the Holiday?
    Photo credit: Gabba Friends.
  • Have Yourself a Mary Shelley Christmas 8 of 9
    With this Frankenstein tree topper.
    Photo credit: Wonder Strange.
  • Live Long and Prosper 9 of 9
    If you consider yourself a Trekkie, why not top your tree with a Vulcan salute?
    Photo credit: Think Geek .


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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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