They Say: Fancy Toilet Seat Bad for Kids' Butts

toilet-seatAll by themselves, the words “poop dermatitis” sound uncomfortable. So the fact that it’s apparently on the rise in kids definitely makes you want to run out and stock up on baby butt wipes.

But not so fast.

According to the Washington Post (where they have as much fun saying the word “poop” as I do!), the cause of that itchy rash on the buttocks and the backs of the upper thighs is your toilet seat.

Citing a new study in Pediatrics, they say the move toward exotic woods on toilet seats and our renewed fervor for germ-killing in the form of caustic chemical cleaners, is bad for the tender skin on your child’s backside.

More accurately termed “toilet seat dermatitis,” it’s only cropped up in five cases, which doesn’t sound like much of a resurgence, but apparently these are just the reported cases. The problem – and reason the issue is being addressed in the major publication from the Academy of American Pediatrics – is because it’s not being recognized.

Not to mention parents and kids are making it worse with all that wiping. So what do you do?

Call your doctor for a topical steroid, try petroleum jelly on that raw hiney, get rid of that fancy seat and change out your chemicals.

Image: Roger Saunders, flickr

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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