They Say: Most Parents Ignore the Ratings

rated-e-for-everyoneDid you happen to catch the rating on that video game your kid got for Christmas? What about the movie they caught with their friends over the holiday break? You’re not alone.

According to a new survey of parents, most of us are ignoring the ratings on video games, movies and music in favor of letting our kids go hog wild.

The survey was sponsored by My Voucher Codes, a British site that features discount codes for a variety of online applications. The basic rundown: thirty-nine percent of parents let kids play video games that aren’t age-appropriate, fifty-three percent let young kids watch movies that are rated R and a full sixty-six percent give the OK to kids listening to explicit lyrics.

Considering I just got off the phone with a parent who told me the video game I sent her son for Christmas is a lot more hardcore than she’d expected when she asked me to pick it up, I shouldn’t be terribly surprised. But with a four-year-old at home, we’re still largely in the G and PG territory. And I have leaned on those ratings relatively heavily when it comes to deciding whether to preview things before I let her sit down to watch them.

I’m expecting that to change quickly as we get out of the relatively easy pre-school stage and make headway in Hannah Montana and Jonas Bros. territory. Good parenting comes down to making your own judgment calls. Do you let the ratings pre-judge your picks, or is it all up to your preferences?

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