They Say: Mozart Fattens Up Preemies

premature-sextuplets-premies-weight-gain-mozartTwo doctors at an Israeli research hospital concluded in a new study in Pediatrics that exposing premature infants to Mozart could help the babies gain weight.

Again with the Mozart?

The doctors based the study on the hypothesis that certain music has a calming effect on babies, which makes them expend less energy. Less energy expended means more weight packed on at a faster rate.

For the study, recordings of Mozart sonatas were played 30 minutes each day to the test group of preemies. Doctors measured the amount of energy the tiny babies expended and compared that to the control group — preemies who only had the beeping of high-tech machinery to lull them to sleep.

The Mozart babies used up 10 percent less energy.

Weight gain is crucial for premature babies, who can’t safely go home (and away from hospital borne infections) until they reach an acceptable number of pounds.

The study’s doctors say they don’t know whether other kinds of music would work just as well but speculate the repetitive melodies of the 18th Century composer’s sonatas have something to do with it. If their findings hold, they predict Mozart would have the same effect on normal-sized babies.

Well, redemption for those who thought Mozart’s compositions worked miracles! They may not have made your kids smart — they may even have done the opposite — but apparently they put some meat on those skinny little legs.

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