They Say: Teen Parents are Rich Kids Too

pregnant-bellyThere’s a popular myth out there about pregnant teens: they’re disadvantaged youth who come from poor families. Oh yeah, and more likely than not, they haven’t seen their real Dad in a long, long time.

A nice pat way to explain how teens end up pregnant. Except it isn’t true.

A new study proves that the myth of the poor girl getting knocked up because she doesn’t have a strong male role model at home and mom is off working two jobs to make ends meet is just that – a myth.

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy found sixty-seven percent of Americans believe pregnant teens come from homes below the poverty line. Seventy percent, they say, believe the teen girls are from single-parent households.

But a look at more than fourteen thousand kids in grades seven through twelve revealed that four of every ten teenage parents (including the fathers) lived in a home with both biological parents. An additional nineteen percent of those kids lived with one biological parent and one step-parent, putting the number of teenage parents living in a two-parent household at more than fifty percent.

Only twenty-eight percent of the teen parents lived in a home below the federal poverty line, and more than forty percent lived in homes where the income level was at or above two hundred percent of the poverty line.

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