16 Mom Bloggers Share What Theyre Grateful for This Thanksgiving

wisdom-from-mom-bloggers-4With the anticipation of big meals and even bigger piles of presents during the holidays, it’s important to step back every now and then and appreciate what we’re grateful for. Turkeys, cranberries, and expanded waistlines aside, it’s the act of giving thanks (it’s in the name, after all) that makes Thanksgiving such an important tradition for children and adults alike.

To get you in the Thanksgiving spirit, we’ve pulled a few responses from our Top 100 Mom Bloggers, who have shared what they are each most grateful for this year. From heartfelt to hilarious, their responses are sure to gear you up for the holiday season. — Max Minckler

  • My Family’s Health 1 of 16

    This month hits five years since my husband finished his last bout of
 chemo for the non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that almost killed him. Five 
years! That means he's officially cured. Our son Rocco is 5 years 
old. When he was born, his dad chose his name because we thought he
 would grow up never knowing his father. They wrestle and punch every 
damn day. Life is precious.
    — Eden Riley, Edenland

  • Creature Comforts 2 of 16

    Chunky knit sweaters, heaping bowls of chili, and a quiet evening with my family.
    — Erin Loechner, Design for Minikind

  • Personal Growth 3 of 16

    I'm grateful for my family, for my life, for my ability to reason and think and use my powers for good. Each of these things makes me a more loving, stronger, smarter woman.
    — Denene Millner, MyBrownBaby

  • Great Teachers 4 of 16

    I am eternally thankful for the teachers in my kids' lives — for all the wisdom and love for learning that they instill in them. Teachers have one of the most important jobs in our country, and they do not get the acknowledgment and props they deserve. They certainly don't get the pay.
    — Ellen Seidman, Love That Max

  • Inspiring Stories 5 of 16

    I'm thankful for the hundreds of people who've shared their stories with Listen to Your Mother and especially to the 58 local directors and producers who made that story sharing possible. And I'm double-especially thankful for my mentor and business strategist Deb Rox.
    — Ann Imig, Ann's Rants

  • Friendly Connections 6 of 16

    I am always thankful for my health, my family, and their health. After that, I'm grateful for my good fortune online, how appreciative I am of being accepted and encouraged by the fabulous people of the Internet. When beautiful people find each other through a shared love of seeking connection, it's amazing.
    — Alexandra Rosas, Good Day, Regular People

  • Growing Up 7 of 16

    I'm grateful that I don't have a newborn, that my kids are all in the same school, and that everyone is happy and healthy (knock on wood). Oh and that someone cleans my house once a week. That one's huge.
    — Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, Baby on Bored

  • Unexpected Successes 8 of 16

    This has been the most incredible year of my writing career. Christine's and my book, Minimalist Parentinghit the shelves, my kids continue to astound me with their growth and wisdom, and my husband ... well, I'm married to an incredible man. To say I'm thankful is an understatement.
    — Asha Dornfest, Parent Hacks

  • The Good Life 9 of 16

    I am thankful for the usual and the fact that I can say that so casually … as if it's "usual" to have enough food, healthy kids, and a place to live. It's not, and answering this question reminds me of that.
    — Lenore Skenazy, Free-Range Kids

  • The Patience of Others 10 of 16

    I'm thankful that my family is so patient with me. I'm a pretty forgetful, disorganized person, and rather than adding to the guilt I already feel when I'm late for after-school pick-up or when I forget to take something out of the oven (again), they practice forgiveness and compassion. Also, they always buy me candy on my birthday. That may be the real reason I like them so much.
    — Elizabeth Jayne Liu, Flourish in Progress

  • Being Lucky in Life 11 of 16

    I know I live a charmed life, and I don't take that for granted for a moment. I have the ability to work with creative freedom and get some tremendous opportunities to experience life through a truly unique lens.
    — Fadra Nally, All. Things. Fadra

  • Surprise Opportunities 12 of 16

    I'm thankful for all the opportunities this wild and crazy blogging adventure has brought me and my family. I never thought, as a little girl, that I wanted to grow up to be anything like this, but in a weird, full-circle way, blogging has brought me more than I could have ever imagined.
    — Jill Krause, Baby Rabies

  • The Uniqueness of Others 13 of 16

    I am grateful for our cobbled-together, eccentric, caring, chosen family of friends. We don't have much family in the traditional sense of the word, but we are still so rich in love.
    — Jillian Lauren, Jillian Lauren

  • Moments of Peace 14 of 16

    I am grateful for that beautiful moment when all of my many children fall asleep, and I sit down on the couch with my husband, and we can finally relax, talk about our crazy day and watch a dumb sitcom together.
    — Kelcey Kintner, The Mama Bird Diaries

  • An Understanding Partner 15 of 16

    I am so thankful for a husband who would never ask me to do something he wouldn't be willing to do himself!

    — Jennifer Palis, High Heels and Dirty Dishes

  • Time with Loved Ones 16 of 16

    I'm so thankful that I've been able to stay home with my 2-year-old daughter. Sure, she's exhausting, and I probably couldn't survive being a SAHM without blogging, but I'm grateful every day to have this time with her.
    — Amy Wruble, Carriage Before Marriage

We’re sure you have things to be thankful for, too! Share them in the comments!

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