Fact: Thinking of Cute Babies in Hats Will Make You Feel Better … Really! (Photos)

Does This Baby in a Hat Make You Feel Better?

Wanna feel better? Yes, we all do. New studies say that doing something as simple as thinking of babies wearing hats can help you not just feel more cheery, but can actually make you healthier.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health led by Dr. Mary Charlson from Weill Cornell Medical College completed a multi-million dollar study on this topic. In their research they found that if people — in particular, patients — thought about nice things such as beautiful sunrises or babies wearing hats, their physical and mental outlook would improve.

The users in the study were given the script, “First, when you get up in the morning, think about the small things that you said make you feel good.” They were given the instructions to think of those sunrises or babies in hats. Dr. Charlson stated that, “Positive affect made a real difference — patients are better able to follow through on behaviors to improve their health.” In particular they were more likely to follow through with exercise and other instructions regarding their health.

So, I have a challenge for you, dear reader. Check out our slideshow of adorable photos of babies in hats. After going through all the images, do you feel better?

  • Bundled Up 1 of 18
    Bundled Up
    How adorable is this baby girl in her wine-hued knit hat?
    Photo Source: Baby Cloth Diaper
  • Bold and Beautiful 2 of 18
    Bold and Beautiful
    Now this is a statement hat!
    Photo Source: Ali Express
  • Nature Boy 3 of 18
    Nature Boy
    This hat is supposed to represent worms coming out of grass — odd but cute.
    Photo Source: Lions Brand
  • All Ears 4 of 18
    All Ears
    Nothing is cuter than a baby wearing a hat with ears.
    Photo Source: Ali Express
  • Lamb Baby 5 of 18
    Lamb Baby
    I love this photo, and the hat!
    Photo Source: Hip Hip Hooray
  • Simple & Smiley 6 of 18
    Simple & Smiley
    How could you not smile from looking at that smile?
    Photo Source: Hip Hip Hooray Blog
  • Sleeping Beauty 7 of 18
    Sleeping Beauty
    A gorgeous babe wearing a gorgeous hat.
    Photo Source: Pattern Fish
  • So Cute! 8 of 18
    So Cute!
    I'm sorry, but this baby is so incredibly adorable. How can this not make you feel fabulous?
    Photo Source: Hats Shopping
  • Flower Power 9 of 18
    Flower Power
    This baby is set for the sun in this flower-covered hat.
    Photo Source: Shop Sugar Babies
  • Feeling Blue 10 of 18
    Feeling Blue
    Feeling blue? Just look at this baby's puzzled face and that ought to cheer you up.
    Photo Source: Smart Canucks
  • Hats On 11 of 18
    Hats On
    This baby is making sure his hat is firmly on his head.
    Photo Source: Vi.Sualize US
  • Striped 12 of 18
    The look of concern on this boy's face doesn't distract from his cuteness.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Sleeping Monkey 13 of 18
    Sleeping Monkey
    Wonder if this babe is dreaming of the zoo.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Bunny Time 14 of 18
    Bunny Time
    Sweet bunny love.
    Photo Source Passing Open Windows
  • Punk Baby 15 of 18
    Punk Baby
    Yeah, he's got a skull on his hat. He's tough.
    Photo Source: Sweet Baby Shoppe
  • Yoda! 16 of 18
    Anytime a baby pays homage to Star Wars, it's adorable.
    Photo Source: Neatorama
  • All Orange and Ear-ed 17 of 18
    All Orange and Ear-ed
    This baby is keeping warm with his festive orange hat with perky ears.
    Photo Source: Lemonade Couture
  • Cupcake Cutie 18 of 18
    Cupcake Cutie
    Delicious, isn't it?
    Photo Source: All Things Cupcake

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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