This Elite New York City Kindergarten Is Harder to Get Into Than Harvard

Harvard: Easier to Get Into Than This Kindergarten

We all want the best for our children.  We hope to raise them and rear them to succeed and many hope that their kids will grow up to go to a coveted ivy league school. But the thing is, getting your child into the most elite kindergarten may actually be harder than getting them into Harvard!  What kindergarten is that competitive to get into?

New York City’s Trinity School.  The school had 62 kindergarten spots open and they had 756 applicants. The odds would seem to be 8.2 percent. But the odds quickly shrunk after all the different admission scenarios were factored in.

The New York Times did the math. “Of those 62 spots at Trinity, one of New York’s most competitive schools, 33 were taken first by qualified siblings of Trinity students. An additional 11 went to children of alumni, who also get a leg up in the process, and one more belongs to the child of a staff member. That left 17 spaces for families with no ties to Trinity, giving those without connections a 2.4 percent shot at the prize.” The odds in getting into Harvard for those that apply? 6.2 percent.

This opens up a whole conversation about the power of siblings in the admission process since more than half of the spots were taken by the brothers and sisters of those currently enrolled. This is something that it sounds like might be changing.

But the most jarring thing about this all…it’s kindergarten!  Plus Trinity School costs $36,870 per year. Do you think parents are overdoing it in getting the trophy elementary school and should they save their energy for the big-ticket high school or college?

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