This Little Dancing Dude is Sexy and He Knows It

The kid can dance, there's no question.

At a recent Canuck’s hockey game this little fan was captured rocking out to LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”. The one minute clip is hilarious because the little guy is a great dancer – but he is so flipping serious about his moves. He is WORKING the song and the crowd but he doesn’t crack a smile the entire time. You can see the grown-ups behind him grinning like mad, but our little Canuck fan is totally¬† focused on the jam.

I know some people will wonder how such a young kid seems to know the song so well (he even sings along at one point), when it’s a decidedly grown up song. To those critics I would share this:¬† my kids are about his age and they heard that song ONE TIME and knew the chorus. Meanwhile I was frantically stabbing at the car radio like a lunatic trying to turn it off but whatevs, the damage was done. And then of course, you have their buddies at school who know the whole song by heart and like to sing it on the playground until the teachers put a stop to it. So… That’s how some kids, through almost no parental neglect learn totally age-inappropriate songs.

Enjoy the one minute clip of this adorable kiddo dancing like a MACHINE!

[via Jezebel and Buzzfeed]

Check it out HERE.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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