This Mom is Stoked: Buys 2 Banksy Pieces for Her Kids for $60

banksyThere is wide variety of artwork on my daughter’s walls; there is a Peter Pan print, a finger painted self-portrait and a cute picture of a puppy. But one thing that is missing? Original pieces by Banksy. Had I been strolling through Central Park in New York City over the weekend, a piece by the most famous graffiti artist of our time, collected by the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, could have been hanging next to her entry from her 1st grade art festival. Sadly, I was thousands of miles away, but one mom won the street art lottery when she bought not one but two pieces from a pop-up stand selling very real and very authentic pieces by Banksy.

Banksy is in residence in New York City right now putting his mark on the city that is famous for spray paint and tagging. Banksy pieces are popping up all over the place from walls to environments installed in the back of moving vans. On Saturday Banksy allowed the pubic to buy their own Banky original saying, “Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 100 % authentic original signed Banksy canvases. For $60 each.” The stall at Fifth Avenue had about 25 pieces and was overseen by a unknown elderly man who looked bored while waiting for customers, and it took hours for the first pieces to sell. The first customer was the before mentioned mom who bought two pieces only after negotiated to get 50% off paying just $30 each. The estimated value of the two pieces? $40,000.

Here is hoping that the woman sees the many news reports about the Banksy surprise and finds out that she is sitting on a mini-goldmine. That $40,000 would be a great nest egg perhaps to put into a college fund for her kids. And with that, her kids will also get quite the education of the value of art. And speaking of educating the young about art via Banksy, one mom that Giant Life has deemed, “The Coolest Mom EVER!” is taking photos of her baby in their carrier in front of every Banksy installation across New York City. I, personally, love that this Instagram lovin’ mom is incorporating her baby into the conversation by creating her own statement (and memories) for her child. Plus Banksy’s work is a great entry level art for youngsters (well, most of it).  Pieces like this, this and this are great examples to share with children. And his art is not (usually) found in museum. It’s accessible to everyone, young and old. Which is another great lesson for our offspring. Art that is accessible, digestible, awesome and can be yours if you have an open mind and an open wallet. You can buy a $20,000 piece of art for thirty bucks.

Check out this Banksy’s video about his Central Park stall below:

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Would you stop and buy a piece of this artwork if you saw it on the street and didn’t know it was Banksy?

Photo Source: Banksy/ Instagram




Article Posted 3 years Ago

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