This Purse Charges Your Cell Phone. Seriously.


Okay honestly, I think this is some sort of magic. As a tech-savvy human being, I like to think that I understand, to a certain degree, how things work. But this?? This is challenging my sense of logic, and I like it. Everpurse is a clutch bag that charges your cell phone. Without cords. I’m freaking out. You drop your phone in your purse without plugging anything in, and your phone receives a charge. When you get home, place your purse on its little charging pad, and in a few hours your ready to roll again.

Do you understand what a miracle this is? Aside from the fact that Houdini probably left the plans for this thing in his office somewhere, Everpurse means you can kiss the days of a dead cell phone goodbye. Permanently. And without worrying about any sort of portable extra power. Because your purse IS your power. Any moment you’re not actually on your phone, it’s in your bag, charging up. Let it sink in. Take all the time you need. It’s science.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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