This Sleek Commerical for Shampoo is Actually About Sexist Double Standards, Not Hair

double standards

Maybe you’ve never been called a bitch. To your face, that is. Because make no mistake: You have been called a bitch. Chances are strong that if the person who called you a bitch was also a woman, then she was called “catty” — even if you were actually being a bitch.

Since the dawn of the modern-day definitions of “bitch” and “catty,” women have used them and had them used against them. Men, on the other hand, can act exactly the same but instead be called “strong.”

Sexist double standards are nothing new. But a commercial for shampoo that focuses on unfair labels for women instead of shiny, bouncy hair is new.

A commercial airing in the Philipines for Pantene (that we first saw on Jezebel) totally hits it out of the park while juxtaposing how women and men do the exact same thing but men are praised for it while women are criticized.

“Don’t let labels hold you back,” the commercial says. “Be strong and shine.”

The message has nothing to do with hair, but it makes me want to buy their shampoo anyway. The commercial doesn’t solve the problem, unless you see part of the problem is that shampoo commercials for women are always about hair.

What do you think? Take a look:

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Photo/video credit: Pantene Philipines/YouTube

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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