Those Violin Lessons May Not Make Your Kids Smarter

iStock_000005936664XSmall(1)Are you one of those parents who have enrolled your young child in violin, piano or cello classes not to hear the dulcet tones of “Chopsticks” or “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”, but rather in the hopes of raising a smarty-pants?

It turns out that the belief that music classes make kids smarter may not actually be true; rather, it may be a child’s general lifestyle that makes him or her a high-degree achiever. Professor Glenn Schellenberg, a psychologist from the University of Toronto, recently found evidence that, according to the Telegraph,¬†shows “children who take music lessons tend to have better-educated, higher-earning parents, and to do more extra-curricular activities than other children their age.”

Prof. Schellenberg explained, “We were motivated by the fact that kids who take music lessons are particularly good students, in school they actually do better than you would predict from their IQ, so obviously something else is going on and we thought that personality might be the thing.” He added that relying on music lessons to help kids become more intelligent is a “complete waste of time.” But he found there is still value in children studying music, saying, “there are benefits to having a society where more people are engaged with the arts, so even if music instruction doesn’t make you a better mathematician or a better athlete, even if it only gives you the enjoyment of music, I think that is a good end in and of itself.”

Do your kids take music classes? And if so, did you enroll them in the classes to help their intelligence?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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