Three Brooklyn High Schools Closed After Hurricane Evacuees Contract Norovirus

Three Brooklyn High Schools Closed After Hurricane Evacuees Contract Norovirus via Babble
A norovirus broke out among hurricane evacuees

Many high schools in New York City are still struggling to open their doors to their students. On Monday, while most NYC public high schools (that weren’t damaged) re-opened, but some didn’t. Mostly those that were unable to allow students back couldn’t do so because they still had Hurricane Sandy evacuees in their buildings.

Today, those particular schools were scheduled to re-open but still cannot. Officials learned that three high schools which are housed at Park Slope’s John Jay campus contained shelters victims who had come down with a nororvirus. Now students won’t be allowed back until the premises can be fully decontaminated.

On top of that, two other schools, FDR (Brooklyn) and George Washington (Manhattan) made emergency closures today because they were unable to move shelter residents out in time. In another Brooklyn school, Brooklyn Tech, almost 4000 evacuees were still there as of yesterday morning, including 260 mental patients.

Thirteen other schools have not opened because they still have no power.

In addition, the schools that were heavily damaged have no way to rebuild anytime soon so most other schools are taking in students from other areas. At my son’s school, a private Catholic school in Brooklyn, our principal very willingly opened the doors of our school to any child that does not have a school attend. As of yesterday, we have 200 new students.

Many students are simply staying home either because they have no way to get there with the gas shortage and transportation crisis, or they are so displaced, their families haven’t figured out how they are going to live yet. Still others refuse to send kids to school with no heat in them.

Then, of course, a Nor’easter is coming within hours to our already damaged area, and parents would rather just not chance sending kids to school as another storm hits.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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