3 Reasons to Love Your December Birthday

Christmas parties and December birthdays
The high side of a holiday birthday

Having a December birthday gets a bad rep, I know. As Madeline pointed out last week, when you’re the parent of a kid born this month you have to dig deep to muster the energy it takes to celebrate with flair (or a Goodnight Gorilla cake, in Earl’s case).  Reports of parents forgetting their kids’ birthdays altogether, the over stimulation of the holiday season, the dreaded Christmas-birthday combo gift — I get the downsides.

But today’s my birthday, and even though I’ve taken a hit in some ways with a December date, there are a few reasons I love that my special day falls in the midst of holiday madness:

1. The holiday spirit: I know the day I was born and the day, say, Jesus was born don’t have much to do with each other. But the fact that my yearly celebration hits just as the Christmas action is in full swing gives it an all-around warm and fuzzy feeling. Even though southern California doesn’t do Christmas the way my northeastern hometown does, I still soak in all the white lights, trees, and music and somewhere in the back of my head, Santa, Frosty, and I are all excited about the same thing: my birthday.

2. Friends and family are already off the clock: As a kid, I’d get to celebrate my birthday and never had to go to school the next day. It’s a protected, built-in special time of year. In college some years I was lucky enough that my birthday hit the day after finals were done — perfect. Again, everyone is celebrating already — what a boost for my own festivities.

3. It’s not a January birthday: My husband’s birthday is in early January — almost equidistant from Christmas to mine, but on the other side of the holiday hill. In December, the energy is going up. In January, people are too busy hitting the gym, fasting (no, not me), or tightening their budgets back up. I try not to let it slip, but I think January babies have it harder than us.

Maybe being the parent of the December birthday-having kid is the real drag — the month is usually way too crazy and over-scheduled to make planning fun and easy. But as the one who does the celebrating, not the preparation, I’ve always been pretty happy with my special December day.

Do you or your kid have a December birthday – are there reasons you actually like it?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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