Young Girl Drowns in Hot Tub During Party

Three-Year-Old Drowns In Hot Tub During Party via Babble
A child can unhook a life vest in the blink of an eye.

It happens every year. Children die from drowning, and not just from violent ocean waves. Often it’s right in our own homes, in our own pools or hot tubs, or those of our friends and families. In fact, you have probably heard of at least one or two on the news already this summer; there have been so many.

On Saturday in Laguna Hills, California, three-year-old Ellison Susman drowned in a hot tub while at a party. She was wearing a life vest but managed to unhook it and take it off in seconds while her mother was breastfeeding her two-month-old sister. When the mother came back from feeding her baby, she immediately asked where Ellison was, and partygoers said they hadn’t seen her for fifteen minutes. Soon after, they found her on the bottom of the hot tub. Tragically, she died on Monday.

It only takes a few seconds for a child to drown, even with watchful parents. It’s unclear if the parents in this story if the father was supposedly watching the girl or if they had asked someone to watch her while the mom went to breastfeed, and it would be unfair and horrible to assume that they were less than watchful. However, the story does remind us all how incredibly fast children can be in taking off safety equipment and going unnoticed during parties.

Sadly, there are many parents who are less than attentive.

Just recently, I was at a party where there were a lot of young children, and one mom sat in a chair nearly the whole day while other people watched her two-year-old daughter, in and out of the pool, up and down staircases. It was nothing short of infuriating. Even recommendations from other parents at the party to keep an eye on her child went ignored.

Have you ever witnessed a a parent being careless with a very young child’s supervision near a pool or ocean? And did you do/say anything?

For tips on keeping kids safe around the water, read The Number One Cause Of Death in Children Is…

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