Tia and Tamera Mowry Drink Breast Milk on TV [VIDEO]

Tia force feeds her sister some breast milk.

TV twins Tia and Tamera Mowry are probably best known for their childhood sitcom “Sister, Sister”. But they may have a new claim to fame: The first sisterly share of one’s breast milk on television. The milk was Tia’s, pumped into one of those vial-type bottles that will be all-too recognizable to anyone who’s done any time with a Medela.  Though Tia had to apply some pressure to her sister to get her to try it (as illustrated at left) Tamera was quick to admit that it actually tasted pretty darn good. Even “amazing”. Reactions on the internets have been mixed. Breastfeeding supporters cheered the vote of confidence. Squeamish people were grossed out. And a couple of pervs lamented that she didn’t “drink it from the tap”.

I first wondered if this was some kind of reality TV shock value stunt. But then I was annoyed to be shocked by it.  People act like breast milk is some kind of radioactive fluid that can only be safely metabolized by newborn infants. But as much as people want to connect it with other bodily fluids generally considered repulsive, there is a big difference. Breast milk is made for human consumption. It is not simply excreted from the body as part of some other process. It may be food for babies, but it is food. And really, shouldn’t we feel comfortable tasting anything we’re going to be putting into our babies’ mouths?

Of course, feeding it to somebody else is a slightly different story. But then, these women did once share a womb.


Have you ever tasted breast milk?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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