Tide's New Stay-at-home Dad Commercial a Win After Stereotyping Flop

Tide's commercial featuring a laundry-loving, stay-at-home dad is a home run.

The other night while writing, I heard my husband chuckling at something on TV.

“This Tide commercial is funny,” he responded to my query about what was so funny.

Tide commercial. Interesting. A couple months ago I’d written about a Tide commercial featuring a prissy mom and tomboy daughter that pissed me off and missed the mark with its confusing cocktail of gender stereotypes.

“What was so funny about the commercial?,” I wanted to know. He told me the outline of the commercial featuring a stay-at-home dad, and I had to laugh. Not because I think the commercial is funny, although it is, but I had to laugh at the obvious about-face Tide made in response to the backlash against their earlier commercial.

Although I applaud the company for taking the step of showcasing an adorable stay-at-home dad talking about the perils of laundry stains and executing “herringbone” French braids, I still can’t help but feel like a pawn in some schmucky ad exec’s game. Can’t you just see the meeting behind this commercial?

Ad exec 1: We really took it in the kisser for that mom-daughter commercial. Lotta bad PR … And, more importantly, I lost out on that year-end bonus.

Ad exec 2: Well, let’s give ’em the opposite. I’m seeing an adorable stay-at-home dad, you know, a Chandler Bing type … They’ll eat it up!

I guess it’s also possible the company just learned from their mistake, but I prefer to be a skeptical misanthrope, it’s my natural way. Either way, whatever it takes, I say, to showcase what’s really going down in American households today. And judging by the feedback below, folks are really digging it.

Click here to see the new Tide stay-at-home dad commercial:

NYC Dad’s Group says: Positively Groundbreaking, actually. A major corporation airing a commercial that portrays at-home fathers as competent and caring with a nice twist of humor.

Black Liberal
says: I applaud Proctor & Gamble’s efforts to empower men who have chosen to throw off society’s shackles and embrace the primary care-giver role, which once the main and in most cases the only role for women. P&G, I tip my hat to you!
Out With The Kids says: A big chest pump, high five, and double guns to Tide for nailing it with humor and intelligence; meaning there isn’t a beer can or bikini-clad hottie to be found.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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