Time-Lapse Video Shows Young Transgender Woman’s Incredible 3-Year Transition From Male to Female

The transition from one sex to another is no small thing — socially, emotionally, psychologically, physically. For one young transgender woman, the physical process took three years. She took roughly 1,000 pictures of herself while it was happening and condensed it into a less-than-2-minute video.

What’s possibly most striking about the video is watching her become so much happier as the transition becomes more complete. It’s starts with a slight raise of the eyebrows and evolves into a hint of a smile and blooms into a posture that comes with knowing she’s finally in the body she was meant to be in.

Here’s to happy endings for everyone.

Take a look at the marvelous transformation:

Source: The Huffington Post

Video credit: YouTube


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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