Toddler Falls in Freak Accident; Gets Pencil Lodged In Brain


Toddler Falls in Freak Accident; Gets Pencil Lodged In Brain via Babble
Wren Bowell and mom recovering at home

A tragic accident can happen in an instant.

Two-year-old Wren Bowell from Bristol, England was innocently walking in her home to show her parents a picture she just drew. She tripped over a baby gate and fell while holding a pencil. The pencil went right into her eye socket and lodged in her brain an inch and a half deep.

Her parents kept their cool and mom told dad not to pull the pencil out while Wren was rushed to the emergency room.

Neurosurgeons operated on the girl for hours; the damage was that extensive, said Wren’s father, Martyn:

“The pencil was stuck so hard that they had to pull part of her face off and take out part of her skull to take out the pencil. They then put Wren’s skull back together with plastic plates and screws which will biodegrade.”

Miraculously, the pencil just missed the girl’s eye itself and didn’t blind her. Wren spent three weeks in the hospital and is at home recovering.

Wren’s neurosurgeon says he has seen three similar incidents including one that was fatal and another that resulted in severe brain damage: “If anything happens to your child you are shocked. A broken bone would be bad enough, but something happening to the eye, head or brain is one of the worst things that could possibly go wrong.”

I remember my mother always telling me to not run with scissors as a child and thinking she was dramatic. Then I became a mom and did the same thing with my kids. You can baby proof all you want and watch your kids like a hawk but freak accidents happen. When my daughter was one-year-old, she got out into a relative’s hall and fell down a flight of stairs in a split second Luckily, she was fine and suffered just a few bumps and bruises.

Did your child ever suffer a freak accident? Did you as a child?

Image: Cater

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