Toddler Left Behind At Park By Daycare, Wanders Blocks Away To Beach

Toddler Left Behind At Park By Daycare, Wanders Blocks Away To Beach
Christina and Alexia

It’s every parent’s nightmare. You drop off your child at daycare or school and hope that he/she will be looked after, and kept safe and sound. But once you leave, there are no guarantees.

Last week, two-year-old Alexia Karimi was on an outing with her daycare center to at Heckscher State Park in East Islip. But when the staff of Our Little Darlings Early Educational Center headed back to the center, Alexia was left behind. Just as worse, she was not reported missing until three hours later.

Whether she had gone unnoticed until then has yet to be determined.

Alexia’s mother, Christina, says that Alexia wandered blocks away… to a beach(!). There she played with another child but when that child and mother were ready to leave, the mom noticed that Alexia was alone and alerted a lifeguard who called police.

Naturally, Christina was horrified:

“I’m disgusted. I can’t understand how you lose a child. This should never have happened. The daycare is supposed to do a headcount. I can’t wrap my head around this. I put my daughter’s life into someone else’s hands. I got lucky. Something worse could have happened. I’m very grateful to all who helped my baby at the beach.”

The daycare center has had its license revoked due to this incident.

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