Humorous Toddler Tshirts: Merely Inappropriate to Downright Offensive

Delightfully tacky or just too much?

As the old saying goes, “There’s no accounting for people’s tastes.” And so it is with this round-up of t-shirts available for your 1-6 year old. I won’t lie to you, a few of them made me laugh. The same kind of naughty cackles that fuel every viewing of Superbad and The Hangover. But just because we laugh doesn’t mean we’ll actually help our child into one before we leave the house.  Unless you want to and that is totally your prerogative!

I want to feel a lot worse than I do for all the giggling. I want to be outraged that people can be this tacky. But in the end, I find that I am more amused than anything else. With a touch of bemused thrown in, because, honestly, I am mostly mystified that there is a big enough market for these kinds of t-shirts to keep so many sites going.

  • Merely obnoxious… 1 of 12
    Merely obnoxious...
    or a gateway shirt to misogyny. Oh, fine. Just obnoxious.
  • Would be adorable… 2 of 12
    Would be adorable...
    if the balls weren't placed right over your little girl's chesticles.
  • Future Queen Bee… 3 of 12
    Future Queen Bee...
    and unapologetically groomed to be that way by mommy.
  • Would be painfully rocker chic… 4 of 12
    Would be painfully rocker chic...
    if we didn't all know what the Rolling Stone logo stands for. In which case this little girl's dress emblazoned with it is just gross.
  • It might be true… 5 of 12
    It might be true...
    but I don't think we need to announce it to the world on a onesie, do we?
  • Toeing the line of obnoxious… 6 of 12
    Toeing the line of obnoxious...
    but you have to admit that it's funny.
  • Isaac Newton is cool… 7 of 12
    Isaac Newton is cool...
    but shirts on little kids that have the word "b*tch" are not.
  • Delightfully tacky… 8 of 12
    Delightfully tacky...
    or just wrong?
  • Guilty giggles… 9 of 12
    Guilty giggles...
    but just can't imagine swathing any baby in the f-bomb.
  • Wrong… 10 of 12
  • **sputter cough hack** 11 of 12
    **sputter cough hack**
    I can't believe I'm seeing this shirt on a baby.
  • Rogue’s gallery… 12 of 12
    Rogue's gallery...
    from the site Located in the "Baby Hell" department, naturally.

Note: All sites are linked to via a boldface word in the photo caption. All photos were taken direct from the sites linked to.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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