Toddlers & Tiaras "Honey Boo Boo Child" Talks Go Go Juice on GMA (Video)

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What's in Toddlers & Tiaras go go juice?

Here we go… it’s Toddlers & Tiaras’ Honey Boo Boo Child Alana and her “go go juice,” gracing Good Morning America this morning.

And guess what? Young Alana’s mother, pageant mama June Shannon, is defending the magical juice she gives her kid for energy a mix of Mountain Dew and Red Bull.

Nice, right?

You may have seen Alana and her mom on a recent episode of Dr. Drew, where the good doctor asked about the go go juice and took a swig of the sweet elixir himself.

Granted, there have been a lot of less-than-desirable parenting practices seen in past episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras, but Alana and her mom are making the rounds and getting plenty of exposure for their go go juice recipe.

Once the kiddie pageant contestant drinks down the go go juice, she’s off the wall and saying things like “Honey boo boo child” – a video clip of which has gone viral.

GMA took a closer look at the go go juice, and while it’s unclear how much Alana drinks, each bottle is the equivalent of two cups of coffee.

Alana’s mom defended the use of the energy drink by saying that a lot of other pageant parents use sugar and/or caffeine to keep their divas “focused” for the event.

Other moms have been seen on the reality show giving their kids sugar cubes, Pixie Stix or bags of candy.

Alana shared on GMA, “Caffeine drinks make me HYPER,” while mom assures the go-go juice is only for pageants and otherwise her daughter is healthy and active.

She defends her decision to give her daughter the energized juice, saying, “There are normal people who give their kids this. Why is it such a big issue with us pageant moms that do it all weekend to keep our kids energized?”

She added, “There are far worse things… I could be giving her alcohol.”

Well, yes, I suppose so. But loading her up with sugar and caffeine sure isn’t doing her any favors.

A mother’s love runs deep though, as Alana’s mom notes, “She’s not skinny but, whether skinny or fat, I am still going to love my children regardless. I could care less if they get up to 1,000 pounds; I am still going to love them.”

Hey, I’ve got a new show idea, TLC “Pageant Mom Intervention.” These ladies have to be stopped, y’all.

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