Too Cute! Dog Teaches Baby to Crawl (Video)

dog teaches baby to crawl in youtube viral video
Dog teaches baby to crawl

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks… but maybe an old dog can teach your baby some new tricks?

Watch as French bulldog Sophie gives a tutorial to baby Isabelle on the finer points of getting your crawling groove on.

Well, Isabelle seems to be taking note, but she doesn’t quite have it down yet.

There’s almost nothing cuter than those precious moments between kids and a favorite pet, and this dog loves her human baby BFF, as seen in the many kisses Sophie plants on Isabelle.

Isabelle is getting a little rock and leg wiggle going, so no doubt the pup’s demonstration provided plenty of inspiration.

The dog’s owner posted this description on the YouTube viral video: “Our white French Bulldog, Sophie, teaching our daughter Isabel to crawl. ***For those of you wondering what is wrong with Sophie’s legs, nothing…You can watch her run and play in the sprinkler in another video we posted. French Bulldogs are amazing and wonderful with children.”

This ranks pretty high on the cute-o-meter.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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