Too Cute! Little Kid Plays Dance Central Disturbia on Hardest Level (Video)

kid dance central rihanna disturbia video
This kid has some Dance Central moves!

Who doesn’t love a talented kid? How about a video game dance sensation spotted in a Microsoft store, dancing along to Rihanna’s “Disturbia” on Kinect’s Dance Central… and doing it perfectly?

Could a run on “So You Think You Can Dance” be in his future anytime soon?

Of course, while the dancing cutie – who performed this on the “hard” setting – is pretty spot-on, you’ve got to wonder how many times he’s played the game.

Critics will likely argue that this kid is spending too much time in front of a TV – and that may be the case, but if he’s playing games like Dance Central on Kinect, he may be getting a better workout than an afternoon at the playground.

He’s certainly showing that he’s not leading a sedentary lifestyle, so what’s the harm?

Not all video games are bad, after all, and limits are certainly still necessary, of course. But with these types of games that get the players actually moving, you have to agree that it’s a legitimate way for kids to get some exercise. It’s not a substitute for getting outside in the fresh air and running around, but it’s definitely another good fitness option.

Like his fellow cutie, the Glee mini-Warbler, these talented little guys are warming up people’s hearts and rising in viral video status.

While we haven’t tried Dance Central, we have the Wii Just Dance and Just Dance 2 games and they’re a serious workout. And my kids, ages 8 and 10, certainly can’t hold a candle to this little guy.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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