Top 10 Colleges in the Country Plus How Much They Cost (And 2 of Them Are Free!)


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Have you started saving for your kids college yet? Yeah, neither have I. But seeing this list of the top ten colleges in the United States from Forbes, I realize I better get started. ‘Cos if I want to send them to of these top 10 schools, it won’t be cheap. But there is so some good news, two of the top 10 schools are free! That is if you want to sign your offspring up for more than just classes (hint- uniforms will be in their future). The rest of them? They’re pretty pricey.

Check out the top ten colleges rankings here and how much each year will set you back. Next go open up that savings account!

  • #10 United States Air Force Academy, CO 1 of 10
    #10 United States Air Force Academy, CO
    This is one of the two no-cost military colleges on the list.
  • #9 Machusetts Institute of Technology, MA 2 of 10
    #9 Machusetts Institute of Technology, MA
    MIT? That'll put you back $53,210 per year.
  • #8 University of Chicago, IL 3 of 10
    #8 University of Chicago, IL
    The University of Chicago costs $57,590 a year.
  • #7 Haverford College, PA 4 of 10
    #7 Haverford College, PA
    A year at Haverford College costs about $55,632.
  • #6 Harvard University, MA 5 of 10
    #6 Harvard University, MA
    One of the two Ivy Leagues on the list. Cost per year? $53,950
  • #5 Stanford University, CA 6 of 10
    #5 Stanford University, CA
    Stanford continues to get a high ranking coming in 5th. Price? $55,918
  • #4 Amherst College, MA 7 of 10
    #4 Amherst College, MA
    The price tag for Amherst? $54,322
  • #3 United States Military Academy, NY 8 of 10
    #3 United States Military Academy, NY
    This no-cost military college ranks well coming in in third place.
  • #2 Princeton University, NJ 9 of 10
    #2 Princeton University, NJ
    They have one of the most generous financial aid programs in the nation. The full price tag? $52,715
  • #1 Williams College, MA 10 of 10
    #1 Williams College, MA
    The number one pick - for the second year is Williams College, a small western Massachusetts liberal arts school Cost? About $55,000 a year.

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