Top 10 #LiesIveToldMyParents According to Twitter

Test failure
“Everybody failed the test.”

My child has yet to fine-tune the age old art of lying and it is something I hope she never masters. But it seems that every child, at some point in their lives, lies to their mom and dad about a wide variety of subjects from school to their social life.  These lies are  being celebrated on Twitter today with the trending topic #LiesIveToldMyParents.

So what are the “kids” lying about these days? We’ve collected ten of the top tweets from the #LiesIveToldMyParents archives and a funny thing about them is that they’re pretty much the same exact lies that were popular when I was young. The times can change but the lies seem to stay the same.

“Everybody failed the test.” – UrbanEngIish via Twitter

“Mom: “Where are you going?!” Me: *Tells mom a friend’s name who is socially accepted in the household.*” – InkAllOvaMe via Twitter

“They didn’t give us report cards this year.” – stratfordfinest via Twitter

“I’m not Batman.” – ElyarFox via Twitter

“He’s just a friend.” – mylifeasafemale via Twitter

“It’s just a bruise… What’s a hickyy, anyway?” – Canadagentleman via Twitter

“My teacher probaly just didn’t see me in the back so they marked me absent…” – kuuleiventura via Twitter

“Yes .their parents are going to be home.” – AlysonnTaylor via Twitter

“I don’t feel well. Can I stay home?” – HighSkoolProbs via Twitter

“Your sauce is better than Nonna’s.” – TroubledItalian via Twitter

What lies do your kids tell you?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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