Top 10 Mom Must-Haves: One Mom’s Key to a Successful Day of Mom Awesomeness

We all have them.

Little crutches. The things we look forward to throughout the day as we wrestle toddlers into diaper-changing submission, chauffer kids to school and other activities, mediate fights ignited over one child looking at the other, when we open the restaurant that is our kitchen and when we run the marathon that is putting children in their beds for the night.

I’m always curious about the schedules other moms keep. I take great comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one who finds indescribable joy in drinking her morning coffee in silence (or to the dulcet tones of Soledad O’Brien) who spends the first two hours of her day maniacally getting kids ready and shuttling them to school, who sometimes hides from the kids so they can’t eat the microwave popcorn she just popped. Mine! I don’t want to share! You can’t make me!

There are a several things, rituals, I’ll call them, that I participate in throughout my day. I look forward to each of these as much as I looked forward to Christmas when I was little. Now, you might find it sad that I anticipate that first bite of my LUNA bar like other people look forward to vacations but, well, that’s my life right now. My LUNA bar is a mini vacation. And so are the other things you’re about to read about. I couldn’t make it through my day with out them.

What about you? What are your mini vacations throughout the day? What do you consider your mom must-haves?

  • LUNA Bars 1 of 10
    LUNA Bars
    You've probably seen them in the protein bar aisle of your grocery store and passed them by. Next time don't pass them. These bars rock my world. Especially the Chocolate Dipped Coconut ones. Not in the mood for chocolate? How about Lemon? If, like me, you mostly end up eating breakfast on-the-go, these bars are perfection. I find myself looking forward to the part of my drive to pre-school where I whip out my LUNA. They're delicious. Don't believe me? Read Crazy Food Dude's review of the Chocolate Dipped Coconut. All the classic bars are just under 200 calories, have zero trans fat, 4 grams of fiber and 9 grams of protein. Sugar is at 11 grams which is standard of these kind of bars. Also, the ingredients are pretty much all natural. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The Luna bar powers me through my work-out and keeps me satisfied until I get home for lunch. Some might say 200 calories isn't enough for breakfast but I've never been a huge breakfast eater, so it works for me.
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  • Coffee 2 of 10
    I'm not one of these people who needs coffee to wake up. I mostly enjoy the hot factor. Sipping on a hot drink gets my blood pumping, especially during these freezing winter months. I have one and sometimes two cups of coffee first thing in the morning. I like a lot of milk with my coffee but realized I was making cups that were nearly 100 calories each and cut back to 3 tablespoons of Coffee-mate and one teaspoon of sugar.
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  • CNN 3 of 10
    I'm a news junkie, need to know the top stories each day, at least. I usually have CNN on in the morning when I drink my coffee and sometimes even throughout the day as I do my writing. I am thoroughly devastated Soledad O'Brien is leaving, she's my favorite.
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  • Howard Stern 4 of 10
    Howard Stern
    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Howard Stern is the most misunderstood man in America. I listen to his satellite radio show religiously, while driving and working out. Makes me sometimes wish the 25 minute drive to pre-school was longer. Yes! I just said that!
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  • Polar Seltzer 5 of 10
    Polar Seltzer
    I drink at least three raspberry-lime Polar Seltzers a day. After working out, with lunch and with dinner. I usually take one up to bed with me too. Or, if I'm craving something I'll treat a seltzer as a snack and sip on it. This stuff got me off Diet Coke. After a decade of a pretty hardcore Diet Coke addiction, I haven't had one in six months. The seltzer water comes in a ton of great flavors and is totally natural. No sugar, no sodium, no juice.
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  • Miso Soup 6 of 10
    Miso Soup
    Like I said, I have an affinity for hot drinks. I buy a lot of these. Each package contains 3 soup packets. The size of a hot chocolate packet. Miso soup can usually be found on the international aisle of most grocery stores. Each packet is only 30 calories but is super tasty. I whip one of these up as a snack or in lieu of tea, sometimes. I really should start ordering these bad boys off because they're nearly half the price as in the store.
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  • Microwave Popcorn 7 of 10
    Microwave Popcorn
    Despite all the recent warnings about microwave popcorn I'm still inhaling the stuff. At around three in the afternoon both my kids have "Quiet Time." Henry naps and Violet plays in her room. That's when I take a break from writing, whip up a batch of popcorn and watch a little TV or read a book. It kind of refreshes me for the dinner gauntlet with the kids, plus it's a fairly low-cal snack that curbs my salt /munchie cravings.
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  • Showers 8 of 10
    Day sucks? Hit reset by taking a shower or bath. Here's the part where I admit to you that I often shower more than once a day. I shower in the morning and then, if I get a chance, I sometimes shower in the afternoon when the kids are having Quiet Time. Feels like starting your day over. Plus, I like being warm. I'll just stand there in the hot water for ten minutes without washing a thing. I'm noticing a theme here; Monica likes it hot. Hot coffee, hot soup, hot showers. I need to move to Florida, I think.
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  • Wine 9 of 10
    Uh, DUH. A lot of people like to give moms flack for drinking but I'm a staunch proponent. Having a drink or two in the afternoon helps me relax and puts me in the mood to play with my kids and yeah, play with my husband later too.
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  • Sssh! Mom’s Watching Her Murders 10 of 10
    Sssh! Mom's Watching Her Murders
    My name is Monica and I'm addicted to Dateline. Specifically the episodes hosted by my boy, Chris Morrison. Nobody does murder like Chris does. The tale he weaves is magical, every time. I actually hushed Serge the other night by saying "Ssssh! I'm watching my murders." I've got stuff backed up for miles on my DVR. Dateline on ID, Dateline on OWN, Dateline on NBC. I'll take Disappeared on the Investigation Discovery channel in a pinch, and Snapped on Oxygen too. As a result of all this TV viewing I can tell you the best way to kill a person and not get caught. You want to know now, don't you?
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