Top 10 Reasons I’d Rather Work Out With My Xbox Than Go to a Gym

The virtual me, ready to work out.

I used to work out a gym. The thing is, that monthly fee adds up. Adds up to a lot, actually. I now work out primarily at home using our Xbox 360 + Kinect. The games are fun, the music is awesome, and I can use it to work out by myself (like I did at the gym), but also with my family.

Getting exercise to be a fun family activity is sort of the key to fitness, at least for us. And while it was easy for me to slack off on going to the gym, it’s a lot harder for me to turn down an invitation to do something fun and goofy with my kids.

Mostly, I prefer the Xbox to the gym because I’m lazy: I don’t have to drive to it. I can just roll my butt off the couch and there I am. Plus, because I can use it whenever I can squeeze the time into my schedule, I’m more likely to actually work out.

But I’ve realized there are tons of good reasons to work out at home with the Xbox instead of going to a gym, like the fact that I’m not “supposed” to sing along at the top of my lungs at the gym. Check out my top 10 reasons below!

10. Surprisingly, the other ladies at the gym didn’t appreciate me belting out the chorus Baby Got Back.

9. Because Jillian Michaels scares me more than any trainer my local gym can offer.

8. That creepy guy at the gym who wears the really short-shorts. This is not an ad for Nair, dude. It is a community gym. Now cover up your junk.

7. For some reason, my local gym does not offer javelin.

6. Because no one needs to see me Zumba. Ever.

5. That old advertising slogan, “never let them see you sweat”? They were talking to me. Except they meant to say smell.

4. My kids are getting big — and fast. The “elite personalized training” of NIKE + Kinect has the slogan, “train for your moment.” Pro athletes such as the NFL’s DeSean Jackson give their #MyMoment goals, like “returning to the Pro Bowl after a two-year hiatus.” Here’s #MyMoment: not getting winded playing tag on the playground. Dream big, people.

3. Legit excuse to listen to Vanilla Ice.

2. I would invariably rather play Quidditch than endlessly climb mechanical stairs.

1. My avatar’s virtual butt gives me something to strive for.

OHMYGAH my (virtual) butt looks so good!

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