He Knows When You've Been Bad: Top 20 Scariest Santas

Lock your doors and close the chimney! Santa Claus is coming to town!

He sees you when you’re sleeping.

He knows when you’re awake.

He knows when you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake.

He’s a stranger. A man who’s been stalking your children all year long and now he’s going to break into your house in the middle of the night…

If you take a look at Santa Claus from a different perspective he can be, well, frankly, he can be terrifying.

I remember growing up and being a little freaked out by the prospect of some strange man tiptoeing around my house and maybe even peeking at me while I slept. My brother was all the time trying to organize Santa stakeouts during which we would hide behind the couch in an attempt to see if we could catch the big guy in action. Mom obviously put the kibosh on that every year, thank goodness, because the thought of actually running into the giant bearded man at two in the morning absolutely freaked me out.

So yeah. There is a kind of a creepy vibe about the Santa Claus myth. Not to mention there are some pretty terrifying Santas floating around out there. My husband is a fan of vintage Christmas decor, and he is the proud owner of a little Santa Claus ornament that scares the crap out of me. It got me to wondering what other horrifying Santa Clauses are roaming the planet.

Y’all, make sure no children are standing near you when you click the link to view some of the scariest Santas you’ve ever seen, including the super creepy one hanging on me tree right this second watching every move I make.  He knows when I’ve been bad indeed.

  • Pissed-off Gnome Santa 1 of 20
    Pissed-off Gnome Santa
    As mentioned on, "This little guy will haunt your dreams and push out any thoughts of sugar plums. He is small so he will fit into the duct work, where he waits … for you."
    Image: Flickr
  • Evil Asian Santa 2 of 20
    Evil Asian Santa
    The little note on his chest says, "I move". Please, God, NOOOOOOOO!!
    Image: Flickr
  • Drunk Sidewalk Santa 3 of 20
    Drunk Sidewalk Santa
    What're you lookin' at?
    Image: Courtesy of Kevin Standifer. Thanks Kevin!
  • Santa Slay 4 of 20
    Santa Slay
    According to the folks at, "Santa Slay is the perfect Christmas movie and is the perfect film to kick off your Christmas Movie Horror Holidays!"
  • Godzilla Santa 5 of 20
    Godzilla Santa
    I'm coming to get you!
    Image: Flickr via
  • The Absolute Horror 6 of 20
    The Absolute Horror
    Is it no wonder little children cry upon meeting Santa for the first time?
    Image: A Farther Room
  • Nothing Worse Than a Murderous Santa 7 of 20
    Nothing Worse Than a Murderous Santa
    Silent Night, Deadly Night. Another Christmas classic! Happy Watching!
  • Before There Was Bad Santa… 8 of 20
    Before There Was Bad Santa...
    A 1996 cult classic horror film. Often considered one of the top ten Christmas horror movies. But seriousy, how many Christmas horror movies can there be?
  • Don’t Look Directly at Him! 9 of 20
    Don't Look Directly at Him!
    Can you imagine stumbling downstairs in the middle of the night for a drink of water and running into this guy? This is a vintage Santa ornament found on eBay. The description says there is an "on/off switch on his butt."
  • Santa Needs a Rest 10 of 20
    Santa Needs a Rest
    Be good for goodness sake! Or this Santa will crush you to death.
  • Run! Run! Santa Claus Is Coming to Town!!! 11 of 20
    Run! Run! Santa Claus Is Coming to Town!!!

  • Um… Help? 12 of 20
    Um... Help?
  • Merry Christmas? More Like SCARY Christmas 13 of 20
    Merry Christmas? More Like SCARY Christmas
    This is a vintage Santa card for sale on Etsy.
    Image: Etsy
  • Christmas Evil 14 of 20
    Christmas Evil
    Released in 1980 and starring no one you know, Christmas Evil is regarded by many as one of the best holiday horror attempts ever. John Waters says that this is "The BEST seasonal film of all time."
  • Lock Your Doors! 15 of 20
    Lock Your Doors!
    This little girl is adorable. But I won't be able to sleep until New Year's.
    Image: A Farther Room
  • The Grinchy Santa 16 of 20
    The Grinchy Santa
    Okay so this is actually a pretty funny moment in the movie but still. Jim Carrey's Grinch dressed as Santa is pretty creepy.
  • Bad Santa 17 of 20
    Bad Santa
    What scary Santa list would be complete without Bad Santa?
  • Possessed Santa 18 of 20
    Possessed Santa
    This horrifying Santa Claus ornament comes with a story courtesy of someone called Evil Skippy.
  • He Sees Me When I’m Sleeping 19 of 20
    He Sees Me When I'm Sleeping
    This ornament is on our Christmas tree RIGHT NOW. He's watching me, always watching me ...
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night 20 of 20
    Silent Night, Deadly Night
    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a deadly night!


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