Top 15 Disney Inspired Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, and if you still have no clue as to what to get that special dad in your life, take a look at the source of all things magical: Disney!

I know of a lot of dads that gripe and grumble that Father’s Day isn’t all cracked up to what it’s supposed to be, so why not show Pops how much he truly means to us by going all out this year! Sadly, my daddy is not longer with us, so Father’s Day is spent honoring the dads in my life.

To be unique and maybe even daring, Disney has an amazing line-up of ideas that can literally make dad feel like a king. If a trip to the Disney Parks is in your plans, dads are in for a magical time.  How exciting!

From a day at the races to tasty culinary treats, check out 15 Disney-inspired Father’s Day gift ideas (that don’t involve a tie or tools!)  that will make this Father’s Day ultra magical. If you keep an open mind, we’ve got something for every budget!

  • Happy Father’s Day! 1 of 16
    Disney Inspired Father's Day gifts

    Still looking for last minute gift ideas for dad?  Take a look at these Disney-inspired gift that will make this Father's Day a day to remember!

  • Off to the Races! 2 of 16

    If your dad is into visiting the race tracks, why not make it a whole day of family fun! Find out if they can allow you to visit the horses before or after the races, and let dad have his pick of the "lucky" horses." Most of all, have fun and make this day at the tracks a day the whole family will remember.

  • Let’s Eat: French 3 of 16
    rata- cooking

    If dad is more into fine dinning, channel your inner Ratatouille and cook up something exquisite that will have dad craving more. How about some boeuf bourguignon, bouillabaisse, or pork chops au poivre?  These tasty dishes will surely end with a Merci beaucoup!

  • Reach for the Sky! 4 of 16

    This is one of my wishes!  I would love to take a plane ride just for fun.  Not for traveling, but just maybe along the coast.  Or maybe a helicopter ride over some vineyards over the countryside .  Either way, this Disney Planes- inspired trip can be a trip of a lifetime.

  • Deep Sea Diving 5 of 16

    If your dad is up for it, why not take him deep sea diving!  An avid diver would enjoy a day out at sea exploring the wondrous underwater sea life.  Hey, you never know who they'll see there?  Maybe Nemo's  anemone.

  • Sleep Among The Trees 6 of 16

    Sleep just like Tarzan!  The Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa Treehouse Villa is one grand way to show Dad you care! This one-of-a-kind villa is located in Walt Disney World Resort. The Treehouse Villa is surrounded by the lush forest along the Sassagoula River and is a walk or boat ride away from the heart of Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.

  • Off To The Pub! 7 of 16
    pub- gaston

    Nothing is like treating Dad to a good pub. If your dad appreciates the rustic atmosphere of a good pub, why not search for local pubs (and not so local)  pubs that your dad hasn't visited yet?  This way you both get to experience something new and make lasting memories!

  • Visit the National Archives 8 of 16
    national tres

    If you are on the East Coast, a visit to the national museums are a must!  Gather the family and have a National Treasure themed adventure of your own.  You have an array of museums to visit in Washington DC!  There's something for everyone! This is actually on my husband's bucket list!

  • Set Sail 9 of 16
    LM- boat

    Treat Dad and Mom to a cruise around the harbor!  If you live close to the water, why not rent a boat that dad can sail around the marina?  Make a picnic basket for him to enjoy, with his love, while they sail the ocean blue!

  • Let’s Eat: Creole 10 of 16
    PatF- dancing

    Picture this: Okra creole, gumbo and jambalaya.  Doesn't that sound great?  How fun would it be if dad were to celebrate Father's Day with good food and maybe a little bit of dancing.  If you can't party in the bayou, then create a Princess and the Frog-inspired party at home!

  • Vroom-Vroom 11 of 16
    cars- racing

    If dad is into the high thrills of racing, treat him and his friends to a day at the races! Car-races, that is!  Nothing like bonding over cars with dad and the boys. This is one sport that I think all guys (and yes, gals too!) can enjoy, together!

  • Grand Marshall 12 of 16
    aladdin- parade

    Put on a parade for dad!  If staying home is dad's way of enjoying the day, why not gather the kids and put on a parade ... with dad as the Grand Marshall!  Let the kids make signs telling dad what a superhero he is, or have the kids learn a cheer and perform it for dad.  This works for great for grandfathers, too!

  • Hey, Batter, Batter! 13 of 16
    AitO- baseball

    A classic American pastime! If your dad took you to the baseball field when you were younger, now is the time to return the favor!  Get the best seats in the house and enjoy a day of hot dogs, peanuts and crackerjacks!

  • On Your Marks! 14 of 16
    WIR racing

    Have you ever been to a go-kart race?  They are so much fun!  My teen son had the chance to drive one, and I've never heard the end of it since then. Take a chance at go-kart racing by looking for local tracks that offer these fun races that dad can participate and enjoy!

  • Install a Hammock! 15 of 16
    lilo and hawaii

    You know you've wanted one of these for as long as you can remember!  If possible, help dad out and surprise him with a hammock!  Some already come with their own stand, while  you have to install the more traditional ones on your own!  Oh, this is one gift I know my husband would love!

  • Let’s Eat: Italian 16 of 16
    pasta, lady and the tramp

    When the moon hits your dad's eye with a big pizza pie, that's... called a full belly right there.  If you are planning a simple dinner at home, why not try a home-made pizza!  Get the kids involved with the making of the pies and enjoy your time together.

Photo Source: Disney Studios and Pixar Studios.


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