Top 5 State Breastfeeding Rates in the USA and the 5 Lowest?

Where is breastfeeing most popular?


While almost everyone has heard the news that “breast in best” not everyone in the United States of America is embracing the practice of breastfeeding. ¬†While I live in San Francisco, where breastfeeding seems to be the norm, other places in the county aren’t like us (in many many ways).

CBS News pulled information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which has been tracking how much breastfeeding is going on at the age of 12 months. While 6 months seems to be a bench mark for the length of time a mother should nurse, at least 12 months seems to be the accepted best case scenario.

So what states are doing most of the breastfeeding and who is doing the least?

Check out the winners and losers of our nursing nation right here.

  • BEST: 1st Place Vermont 1 of 10
    BEST: 1st Place Vermont
    39.7 percent rate
  • BEST: 2nd Place Oregon 2 of 10
    BEST: 2nd Place Oregon
    39.6 percent rate
  • BEST: 3rd Place Utah 3 of 10
    BEST: 3rd Place Utah
    35.4 percent rate
  • BEST: 4th Place Montana 4 of 10
    BEST: 4th Place Montana
    34.8 percent rate
  • BEST: 5th Place Washington 5 of 10
    BEST: 5th Place Washington
    33.4 percent rate
  • WORST: 5th Place West Virginia 6 of 10
    WORST: 5th Place West Virginia
    12.5 percent
  • WORST: 4th Place Oklahoma 7 of 10
    WORST: 4th  Place Oklahoma
    12.2 percent
  • WORST: 3rd Place South Carolina 8 of 10
    WORST: 3rd Place South Carolina
    12 percent rate
  • WORST: 2nd Place Louisiana 9 of 10
    WORST: 2nd  Place Louisiana
    9.8 percent rate
  • WORST: 1st Place Mississippi 10 of 10
    WORST:  1st Place  Mississippi
    8 percent rate

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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