Top 5 Worst Birthday Gifts for Girls

Really, there are so many awful toys out there. Either the baby products are covered with lead (or cadmium!) or they take gobs of batteries. Or they’re loud and annoying. Or just plain expensive. If you’ve ever been shopping with a girl in mind, you also know that the toys can get … weird. As in, really? For a little girl? Why?

The Huffington Post rounded up a list of the 14 worst toys for girls, but it included a doll that you can breastfeed which … how is that bad? So I culled their picks to a Top 5 list of the worst birthday gifts for girls.

Starting with this senseless kit:

1. Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio

2. Pole-dancing doll

3. T-shirt expressing a mother’s misplaced career dreams? [credit: VioletsAreBlue]

4. Blurring the line between dressing dolls and dressing, um, baby sisters?

5. Cleaning cart — in gender-coded colors! [via Feministing]

See the others in the Huffington Post list of , which includes kids (read: girls) back tattoos, Barbies with tattoo guns, a creepy dog in designer jeans and princess cleaning supplies (enough with the cleaning supplies!).

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Photos: via Huffington Post, Amazon, alteredstateofmind.blogspot.com

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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