Top 50 iPhone Apps For Moms

Babble has just released their list of Top 50 iPhone apps for moms, and they’ve rounded up some good ones. The Top 50 list is arranged into categories for Health & Fitness, Shopping, Cooking, Family & Fun, and Creative & Practical.

I’m an iPhone addict, and a mom, and I’d only used one of these apps before. That would be Mint, the personal finance tracking software.

Do I need 49 new apps on my phone? Probably not. Will I be downloading quite a few of these anyway? Yes. We all know iPhone apps are a bit like candy, and I can never seem to resist the urge to fiddle with them.

Here are my favorites from each category.

Health & Fitness: There are a lot of great apps here, and I’ve become something of a fitness app junky recently. But the one that captured my attention in this list was iHealthTrax, an app for tracking illnesses. It lets you keep track of who got sick when, what their symptoms were, how they were treated, and how long the ick lasted. I forsee using this one a lot.

Family & Fun: OK. So there’s this Scrabble-style crossword app that you can play on your iPhone with any contact that also has the app installed. Sorry, Babble, it’s been real, but I might never do anything but play Words With Friends again.

Creative & Practical: Since I’m already a Mint user, I have my personal finance apps pretty well covered. What else was intriguing on this list? The Silent Bodyguard. Hello, 21st Century rape whistle. This thing contacts anyone you want notified in an emergency. Nice. Weird, but nice.

Cooking: Why did it never occur to me to use my iPhone in the kitchen? Just knowing this category exists will change my life. But my kitchen is 5,000 miles away at the moment. The app I am downloading right now is UrbanSpoon, which will lead me to the best restaurants here in Buenos Aires.

Shopping: I’ve been looking for the perfect iPhone grocery app for awhile. I think I’ll have to playtest several of these and see which one fits my fiddly brain the best. But I’ll definitely be using the Food Essentials Scanner, which lets you scan grocery items for allergy information.

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Article Posted 8 years Ago

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