Top 50 Twitter Moms Announced at Babble

So today marks a day that mom bloggers await each year with a mix of dread and hope: the release of the Top 50 Twitter Moms by Babble (Babble is MomCrunch’s, well, mom). So, who made the list?

First of all, it’s important to note one thing: all fifty faces on the Top 50 Twitter Moms list this year are NEW. Yep, the 2010 honorees (counting me as a member) have all been given “emeritus” status, which means I shall soon get to retire on my riches and winnings. Right? No? Oh well.

This year’s list addresses an issue that’s come up on past lists; there is a fair amount of diversity, although pale skin still dominates.

It’s hard for me to talk in detail about this list because so many great women are there, I don’t want to leave anyone out. I was personally thrilled to see my two favorite lesbian moms @Debontherocks and @LesbianDad included, for one. Also great to see the women that inspire me there such as @BreneBrown and @Chookooloonks.

But what I really liked seeing is the faces of the women that have made Twitter such a huge aspect of their professional lives, in particular @ResourcefulMom who I felt was a glaring omission last year (I mean, love ’em or hate ’em, you have to include the inventor of the Twitter party in your list of Top Twitter Moms, come on!). But great to see @EstherCrawford, @Linda_Sellers, and MomCrunch’s own @AlliWorthington there too. These are women working hard in social media, and they deserve the kudos.

Of course, regardless of who is on the list, there will be much discussion about the ideas of Top Whatever Lists in the coming days (only getting worse when Babble releases it other Top 50s this year). Are they link bait? Are they fair? Who wants to be included anyway? And of course there will be those that begin their own Top 50 lists of the great folks not included.

As an “emeritus” Top 50 Twitter Mom, I’d love to tell you that it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re on the list and of course, ultimately, it doesn’t actually matter. But I won’t lie; I loved being included, and there is no doubt that it carries a fair amount of prestige.

But buck up if you weren’t included this year; next year’s list will be all new too. Maybe 2012 will be your year!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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