Toy Kingdom: Harrods Debuts Awesome Gender-Neutral Mecca of Toys

Harrod's Kingdom of Toys

There is something the irks me about stores that sell toys, whether it’s Target, Toys R Us, or anywhere else. Their aisles are ghettos of the pink and frilly carefully divided from the cars, balls and Legos. Toys are separated, or segregated, into groups of items that are for “girls” and toys that are for “boys.” It is jarring when you glance at the aisles; it’s a stunning display in the difference in which toys are made and marketed to whom. You know what is refreshing? When those lines are erased and all the toys can mingle with an emphasis on toys for all, not just toys for tough boys or girly-girls. That’s just what Harrods in London is attempting to do with their brand new “Toy Kingdom” in their massive Mecca of kid-centric shopping.

This “Kingdom” consists of six different “worlds” across a stunning 26,000 square feet. The areas included are, as ToyNews reports, a “circus-themed The Big Top, sweet-centric The Candy Store, The Enchanted Forest, Wonderland (complete with a giant dragon and the most ‘jaw-dropping toys’), space-inspired The Odyssey and The Reading Room.”

Harrods hired the London and Singapore-based interior architects Shed for the job, who added a fair dose of whimsy into their design that is alluring to both genders. They did not pander to a girly pallet or to try to make things look boy-centric; instead, they made it kid-centric. Yes, a little slice of kiddie heaven. So, next time you are in London, make sure to visit this carnival of consumerism. It may be expensive, but it looks like a super fun place to window shop.

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