Toy Story Meets The Shining in 'Toy Shining' (Photos)

Toy Story The Shining Toy Shining
Toy Story meets The Shining

This is too cool. If you’ve ever wondered what The Shining would look like with the characters from Toy Story, wonder no more.

Well, you probably never even gave it a second thought, but artist Kyle Lambert brought this mash-up to life in these really cool paintings.

Lambert’s inspiration came from Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich, who tweeted about his love of The Shining and director Stanley Kubrick.

Lambert challenged himself to create a mash up of The Shining and Toy Story 3 in a series of iPad paintings, using characters from the Pixar animated film that he placed in some of the horror movie’s well-known scenes.

Lambert explains on his website: “It started off with a few notes on a post-it describing how the two movies could be combined and quickly grew into a 25 panel storyboard. Once I had sketched each composition, I set about painting the panels with my iPad using the Brushes app. The project took around 2 months to complete in my spare time from idea to the finished storyboard.”

He actually delivered a printed version of his Toy Shining project and Lee Unkrich loved it!

Check out some of the artist’s paintings below and sound off is it creepy and disturbing to see Woody and the gang in The Shining scenes?

Check out all of Toy Shining at Kyle Lambert’s website.

  • Toy Shining 1 of 10
    Toy Shining
    What happens when 'Toy Story' meets 'The Shining'?
  • Woody 2 of 10
    It's Woody as you've never seen him before!
  • Road trip 3 of 10
    Road trip
    Woody, Jessie and Big Baby hit the road for the Overlook Hotel.
  • Blood 4 of 10
    Blood pours out of the elevator doors, monkey style.
  • Creepy twins 5 of 10
    Creepy twins
    Aliens play the twins in this re-imagining.
  • Woody starts to lose it 6 of 10
    Woody starts to lose it
    Like Jack Nicholson's character, Woody looks like he's coming unglued.
  • Big Baby’s imaginary friend 7 of 10
    Big Baby's imaginary friend
    Remember that creepy conversation with imaginary friend "Tony"?
  • REⱭЯUM 8 of 10
    Or PIXAЯ, in this case.
  • “Here’s Johnny!” 9 of 10
    "Here's Johnny!"
    Or rather, "Heeeere's Woody!"
  • Hedge maze pursuit 10 of 10
    Hedge maze pursuit
    Woody sets off after Big Baby in a snow covered hedge maze.

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