Toys Prices Go Crazy: Insane Mark-Ups on Hot Holiday Toys

Earlier this week, my hubby and I were watching one of those dramatized history mash-ups on the History Channel. The subject was Dutch flower traders and the “tulip mania” that happened centuries ago, a event which is now seen as the “first recorded speculative bubble.” During this period outrageous and inflated prices were given to the simple and humble flower. This was happening in the 1620s. Fast forward to 2012 and six hundred years later we still fall victim to epic price jack.

One of ways we as a culture see it in full effect is during the holiday season. Parents fall prey to the pressures of their children and pay way more than they should on items on the “the marketers tell us that these are the toys our kids want nay need” hot list.

And with such a huge perceived demand, there are opportunists that seize the moment and try to make a quick buck by reselling these toys at huge, and I’m talking huge, mark-ups. In a study of what the perceived value of these “hot toys” are, I looked at eBay to see what prices sellers had the nerve to ask.

Which one do you think is the most ridiculous:

  • Monster High Dolls 1 of 7
    Monster High Dolls
    Does your girl just love those incredibly spooky, slight scary and super skinny Monster High Dolls? The dolls have become popular with not just little girls and tweens but with those who never grew out of their goth stage.
    The Monster High Dolls, from Frankie Stein to Laguna Blue, will for sure be under many a Christmas Tree this year. But if you want a Cleo De Nile, you may have to pay big bucks.

    Regular Price: $19.97
    eBay Prince: $349.99
    Mark-Up: $330.02 or 1745%
    Photo Source: eBay

  • Lalaloopsy Dolls 2 of 7
    Lalaloopsy Dolls
    For many a little girl, this is the year of the Lalaloopsy doll. From the Feather Tell-Tale to the Sew Magical Mermaid to the *ridiculously popular Lalopoopsy Silly Hair Star (*I say "ridiculously popular" because about 70% of the little girls I've talked to have it on their list to Santa). And due to the popularity of the dolls, they are being listed at Lala-loco prices.

    Regular Price: $29.99
    eBay Price: $371.40
    Mark Up: 1236%

    Photo Source: eBay

  • Furby 3 of 7
    I really didn't think the resurrection of the Furby would actually flourish. It seemed like some kind of desperate attempt to make new money from old idea. But the ploy worked. The new Furby is selling like gangbusters. And to my dismay, it's on the top of my daughter's Christmas list. But I won't be buying this one I found on eBay.

    Regular Price: $57.99
    eBay Price: $1000.00
    Mark Up: 1754%

    Photo Source: eBay

  • Nintendo Wii U 4 of 7
    Nintendo Wii U
    The commercials are playing on every channel that parents with kids watch, and due to that, kids, tweens and teens are begging their parents for the newest gaming unit out there the Nintendo Wii U. And while you could just waltz into your local electronics store and purchase one, others are hoping that they'll sell out everywhere and you'll have to pay their crazy price for it.

    Regular Price: $350.00
    eBay Price: $1,999.99
    Mark Up: 571%

    Photo Source: eBay

  • Doc McStuffins Dr. Play Set Talking Doll and Lambie 5 of 7
    Doc McStuffins Dr. Play Set Talking Doll and Lambie
    Why pay a discounted price of $33.99 for the coveted Doc McStuffins Talking Checkup Set when you could pay some one $225 for it? Why indeed. There are a whole slew of places where you can still buy the Doc McStuffins doll at reasonable prices.

    Regular Price: $49.99
    eBay Price: $225
    Mark Up: 459%

    Photo Source: eBay

  • Fisher-Price Disney’s Jake and The Never Land Pirates – Jake’s Musical Pirate Ship 6 of 7
    Fisher-Price Disney's Jake and The Never Land Pirates - Jake's Musical Pirate Ship
    I like Jake and the Never Land Pirates as much as the next parent, and I have to say I'm enchanted by this adorable playtime pirate ship. But I'm far more enchanted with the price of $49.99 than $141.48, the price that one eBay seller is asking.

    Regular Price: $49.99
    eBay Price: $141.48
    Mark Up: 287%

    Photo Source: eBay

  • Legos 7 of 7
    I should confess, I knew there were collectible vinyl records, collectible Pez dispensers, but I had no idea that there are collectable sets of Legos. This totally falls into the "learn something new every day" category. On eBay there is a Super Star Destroyer Lego Set (factory sealed and brand new) being offered for $9394. Yes, that is in dollars not pesos or yen. You could purchase the same one online for about $375 (which seems like a crazy price already), but this eBay seller apparently is hoping someone won't go for the far more reasonably priced versions for sale and pay way more. Crazy.

    Regular Price: $350
    eBay Price: $9394
    Mark Up: 2684%

    Photo Source: eBay


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